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House Of Krazees
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These are the thoughts of a drug addict smokin so much pot
And my brother sees more greens than a cosmonaut
Maybe an astronaut on a higher plane floatin in space
In the mirror a see traces of a face
But is it mine i dont know what im tryin to find
All my thoughts and beliefs seem to intertwine
Into the shape into the form of a demon
I'm just another lunatic always screamin
Tryin to get my point across
Cus the devils in my heart and it hangs over me
Tryin to keep dibs on my ends
Lost my friends so what the f*ck else do i have to win
Situations of fornication
With my verbal ejaculation across the f*ckin nation
Tryin to find my mind cus my head is spinnin
Abusin the drug abbuse is a meager winnin
This is my brain this is my brain on drugs
Join a nation of high on you thugs
Fuyck the plugs cause my rhymes are automatic
Just like the thought process of a drug addict
God is a scientist we are an experiment
Carry me a pig sticker be quite hesitant
f*ck the president government politics
Bill Clinton and mthe first lady can suck my dick
Silly tricks and porno flicks got me trippin
Got my mind f*cked up and my head is spinnin
Hit the bong and drop a little LSD
Thats to keep the dmon inside of me
Can you hear the screams and the f*ckin shouts
So loud itll make you rip your tongue out
Broken rifles with serpents in the green mist
Contemplatin as i begin to slit my wrists
Takin these drugs till the day that i'm dead
And when i die put the chronic thoughts out my head
So turn on tune in and hear the static
Guess what im strugglin like a drug addict
Hypodermic Needles floatin in a pipe dream
Still tryin to kick a ride on a high beam
Alothough ti seems to be the american dream
I heard somebody Od'd so i keep poppin Aphedemine
Killin off all crack heads and prostutes
Just to see how many people i can shoot
Hear the thunder but i cant feel the rain
Feel the oain in my brain or am i insane
Cus my body is still among the unborn
So burn my body and i fire a black thorn
Cus i be floatin high on clooud nine
You know my name Mr. Bones i kick the rhymes
Take some speed cus things are goin slow
Shoot up some heroin on a downward slope
Bad attitudes bad days and bad moods
Cus i know the end is comin real soon
Roam the surface like another ghost
With my thoughts of a fatal overdose
Cus when youre hooked you know you gotta have it
Just like a mother f*ckin frug addict

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