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The duo responsible for one of the biggest hits of the 90's is back. Listen to your new single here Everything But The Girl have announced the release of a new album, the duo's first in 24 years.

The new album is entitled “Fuse”, the album will be Everything But The Girl's 11th in their career, and their first since 1999's “Temperamental”. It is preceded by the single 'Nothing Left To Lose'.

"After being away for so long, professionally speaking, there was a natural friction and spark in the studio when we got started," said vocalist Tracey Thorn. "It was like they had lit a fuse."

For Ben Watt, these were “exciting times”. “A natural dynamism developed. We communicated with short words, little looks, we wrote the songs instinctively.”

“Fuse” began recording in March 2021, and its authors admit some pressure for constituting a long-awaited return. “We were aware of all that, so we started recording it with an open and playful mind, not really sure where to go,” said Thorn.

The "surprise" Album's track listing is here:

Nothing Left To Lose
Run a Red Light
Caution to the Wind
When You Mess Up
Time and Time Again
No One Knows We're Dancing
Interior Space

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