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Theres a big dark house on the hill, a very large diralect house. Its known locally as hangmans folly. This old masion, well thats what it really is, is built on a hill, a strange and baron hill. A place where birds dont sing, and animals wont go, horshes shy, and dogs run with hairs raised in fright. Nothing can grow here, it is a dength and desolate place. Where nobody stays for long. They say its haunted, but we dont believe in haunted houses....DO WE?
Oh I'm back again let's all play
Horrors go away souls in your face
Bustin like glasses killin by the masses
Still whoopin asses raps is still tragic
When you close your eyes im gettin closer
Go ahead you better hold up the windows pop like toasters
Surprise open your mind and realize I'm back again
Still the same band now its skrapz locked up in this pen
Trick or treatin daily man i need your soul I'm a survive
Anniversary's here 5 years ago i died
Like Michael f*ck Myers like Jordon Lykos
The same gears plus a few more throwin rocks at my corpse
But i remain there with all the creepy plottin a plan
To figure out how the f*ck to take the world again world again
Waitin by the black rose clutch it im weak
Tears keep my mentals roamin through zones you couldn't reach
The night that the killas came home WOW
Strike those who doubt the power of House Of Krazees
The night that the killas came home WOW
October 31st is my date of birth the season
The night that the killas came home WOW
Nigga im homebound check it
The night that the killas came home WOW
Season of the pumpkin got your mentals roamin
Creepin out my coma i scream trick or treat one time
Blood stains from my head to my feet and thats why
Im feelin nerves for the screams that im hearin in my dreams
Been asleep 5 years like forever it seems
Moon light gleams deep to my murderous eyes
I be in and out the night like fireflys
Recognize the emotions i been keepin in keepin in
Bound to release once again once again
I can smell the fear of the weak and im feedin off it
Blood clogged deep in my throat but I'ma cough it
Resurectin terror with the ROC
aka SOL and we playin for keeps
And as the night keeps my personalities is flippin
By the time you put your clip in your bodys drippin
And im sippin on my gin and tonic
Watchin you vomit flyin through the night like a comet
Im comin home...
**chorus till end**

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