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i feel like i'm sometimes, strapped in a mussle activity in my brain puts me
through a daily struggle unpredictable like mystikal, i'm runnin' down the
runway grim reaper gots the streets cut off my mentals start to sway to my dismay
i'm terrified am i fried no coccaine in my system pollins messin' up my eyes can
i be the victim? i'm too fast to run but death seems to keep catchin' (catchin)
bodies fallin' down like raindrops but i'm over steppin' got's to, got's to be
the killer, killers are they in disquise portions of my body jerkin' jerkin'
nerves shiftin' why tranquilize is auto put me down to rest a test sick to my
stomach vomit smell the fouls of hells breath hear the screams drown by the pound
it's feelin' kinda loco insides turnin', burnin', churnin', squirmin' like a worm
so hear it goes again from the top to the bottom blood traces lead to my insides
feelin' dead! chorus: my insides, feelin' like it's dead nobody knows or cares
that the world is bloody red armegeddons gettin' closer everyday as i weep tears
make me fall asleep, at times they speak to me! (repeat) the process spreads like
wild fire ethics come to cease borders is foggy can't seem to see the world fall
asleep freezing from the terror disengage reality fiction starts colliding in my
dreams losing gravity frontal attack react and start to panic pushin' buttons
pullin' triggers feelin' scared as the jack rabbit bein' riddled witness my
progress all my x-mates left built a raft to stay a float, prayin' to myself to
self, haste in my case makes no waste i'm kinda felt aviation flyin' deep in the
depths mama help embeded are traits of losing control i swear i'm tryin' to fight
takin' advise i splice the nerves and bite they grow back twice as tight tell the
gods that i come to meet in peace for the streets, morgues feelin like they
pumpin' gas in barrels by the fleets try to sleep but i can't hear the sounds as
they spread blood traces lead to my insides feelin dead! chorus:(repeat chorus
twice) my head be tellin' me ( i part yo shit as if i was moses paint the streets
bloody red like roses leavin yo mind that i'm in no wind with a sin in a
commatosness ) the batteries blinking it's tough to visualize and realize
execution weighs like steel heavy crushin everything in the blink of an eye i'm
affected, cut the records, it's more powerful than guns my stomachs releasin'
gases can't run stunned by the lightening racing through the sky the source is
quite uplifting from my soul drifting further into-zones ( can you reach me )
outline the rising shine, razzmatazz the lifeless crew rationalize wit judgement
day when yo rent is past due stricin' from the afterlife assign the signs to the
binds, keep you locked in hell as captive in my mind can you find, it's
overbearing as i'm swearing, to fight against yo life might get real crucial, for
you too close it ignites like dynamite, too much frustration 'cause i know that the
time is running red blood traces lead to my insides bein' really dead! chorus:
(repeat chorus eight times)

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