MAY 25
the best bon jovi songs and iconic places they were played
The Best Bon Jovi Songs And Iconic Places They Were Played

Bon Jovi, an iconic American rock band formed in 1983, has given birth to a great number of hit songs that are anthem for generations. With its infectious melodic lines, well-crafted lyrics, and charismatic live shows, t...

MAY 24
8 tips for creating the ultimate gaming playlist
8 Tips For Creating The Ultimate Gaming Playlist

The process of creating a perfect gaming playlist is very personal. What may work for one person may not work for another. The trick is to try different genres of music until you find what boosts your gaming experience the most. High-energy beats to keep yo...

MAY 23
the rise of hip hop and rap music
The Rise Of Hip Hop And Rap Music

The embodiment of hip hop including rapping, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti art form originated from the streets of the Bronx in New York City during the 1970s. This essay discusses the growth of hip hop and rap music which will look at its roots, those who ...

MAY 22
music and lyrics that increase concentration
Music And Lyrics That Increase Concentration

In the world defined by its frantic pace, ways to raise concentration and productivity are of the most importance today. One of such tools that you may find surprisingly effective is music. Although many people do best in a quiet environment, just right music ...

MAY 21
the symphony of our lives: how music shapes us
The Symphony Of Our Lives: How Music Shapes Us

This is a piece of article about music that is a language understood by all people, it doesn't matter what culture or age one belongs to and it impressively affects our emotions and lives. From the weak melody that makes baby sleep to the powerful song that ge...

MAY 09
a groovy revolution: the enduring inspiration of 60s & 70s music
A Groovy Revolution: The Enduring Inspiration Of 60S & 70S Music

The 1960s and 1970s weren't just decades of bell bottoms and platform shoes; they were periods of immense social and cultural upheaval, reflected and amplified by the revolutionary music of the time. From the soulful ant...

MAY 08
how trendy music is used as a marketing tool in online platforms
How Trendy Music Is Used As A Marketing Tool In Online Platforms

A video game isn’t complete without a good soundtrack. Gaming is offering a more and more immersive experience, and the soundtrack is a part of this. It can control emotion and establish the story the game is telling a...

MAY 05
linkin park plans to reunite in 2025 with a new vocalist
Linkin Park Plans To Reunite In 2025 With A New Vocalist

Linkin Park is evaluating the possibility of a reunion tour for 2025, in which a female vocalist would replace the late Chester Bennington. The band's booking agency is accepting offers for this tour, which would include...

MAY 04
beyoncé included in the french dictionary
Beyoncé Included In The French Dictionary

As of today, Beyoncé can boast of being one of the 150 new words that have entered the French Larousse dictionary. Thus the singer becomes one of the 150 new words that the Larousse expert jury has decided to include in its pages. To enter this diction...

APR 30
whats up with rihannas new album?
What's Up With Rihanna's New Album?

We have been waiting for a long time, specifically 8 years, for Rihanna's new album (and many fans are already beginning to despair). The hot singer from Barbados is always talking about her new musical projects and we have already begun to think that it is a ...

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