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You saw us
Tried to blow my house down
But theses 3 lil pigs got these dollars around the frown
If you not a playa hata yes let me see you rock
If you not a playa hata then why your gun cocked?
Ready to do it ????? cause I'm tryin to do right
You rigidified well nigga tonight's the night
Where this liquors goin ?????
Its goin way down
Straight to Salem's lot
So watch as I get you now
Nigga I blessed
As what I might do
Cause I fear for my life
Like I was Colin Powell put in his shoes
Open the morning paper
Don't read rapper dead
Over some jealous punks that have me misled
Thinking of fingers pointing
As the God Above
Only Thing I'm Supportin is my multi love
For my family, my dollas, and my friends
And for the ones who ain't down
God Bless the bullet I sin
Never try to deceive me
Never try to deceive me
Never try to deceive me
Never try to deceive me
I'm coming at you like a cool breeze
I'm watchen you emcee's freeze in fact furring the dope's on the real and come off of the blunt please
I can't lose Imma winner
I saw your bitch and stuck my dick in her
Call me a flip skinner
There ain't no time for all of you silly hoes point blank
And that's just how the story goes
I desecrate the souls that live within
Cannot relate my mind states just flips and spins and spins
I smoke weed to relax myself
Deep trains of thought leaving your mind screaming for help
A stealth bomber
My crew can bring you mad drama
Consider your ass now you f*ckin with house
My cousin Matt has got my back
We leavin no tracks
Flipin a sack
Creatin Money stacks as a matter of fact
I got a problem with my cheese
f*ck you and leave
Before ?????? sleeve
How could you deceive?
Never try to deceive me
Never try to deceive me
Never try to deceive me
Never try to deceive me
(Mr. Bones)
I hit you with the infrared
Laser tag I got you
I got the long brown hair
And crossbow like I'm Chewbacca
I care glockas
Shit talkaz, shit yous binaca
To freshen the breath off playa hatas
Wack rhyme sayas thinking they be in our league
But then we go and pull another trick form up the sleeve
Believe in Jesus prodigal son
Wearin adidas
I kick my thesis
Leavin compotation in pieces
Spittin lyrics like a millimeter
Tongue is the clip
Got a pocket full of rubbers to cover my dipstick
Can ya feel me?
See my shit is fat
I Neva eva pull the wrap from my baseball cap
I pull the 40 oz. Brew from the brown bag (brown bag)
My hand in my pocket to retrieve my zigzags
Big bags equal much smoke take a toke
Bet you dime or dollar that you gone to choke
Out of site like a shooting star
You know who I are
It's the brother sippin gin in the back of the bar
And I regulate rhymes like I got big game
I got a couple more dinero's then what his name?
Stashed off in my sock like some old food stamps
Stand clear set trips for perpetrators, and tramps
I got much more bounce to the ounce in fact
Turn the Volume up to 10 and watch your window crack
Step back you better believe me, don't ever try to be me, you can't see me
And you'll Neva eva deceive me

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