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(SKRAPZ)Pokin' out my eyeballs with pencils,
Outlinin' bodies with stencils,
I do a mass mutilation with kitchen utensils,
I'm krazee locked down up in my cell feedin' on bread and water,
The Skrapz fell and plunged into a bottomless pit,
And now I'm on the run, bloodtrails leadin' to the chamber,
I gun, flatline is what my pulse reads bangin' on a gong,
Climbin' the fox theatre like King Kong I ping-pong souls,
And I rolls bustahz like weed and beat'em till they bleed,
And bake'em like a pumpkin seed,
I feed off instincts the suicidial carnivore,
Dominatin' this game to bring a third world war,
Been spittin' 5 years low-key bet y'all missed it,
I pulls a hatcher I'm psychopathic like Twiztid,
Fryin' yo brain like hard drugs and then I'm huffin'
And trippin' myself from 1/2 of a bottle of robitussin,
I'm bustin' like caps, torture wack like Unkle Kreepy,
Risin' above thse no names that be's beneath me,
Y'all never peep me head rushin' like caffeine,
Flowin' my adrenaline you know what I mean,
Unseen to many, non-beleivin' this confusion,
The Skrapz disappeared like an illusion,
My blood lines contaminated minds you'll never find traces of mine,
Unles they appear to the blind what!!!
Adrenaline flowin' through my veins,
I'm insane my mind is deranged
Repeat 2X
(SOL) Here we go as we crashin' through the barracade,
Breakin' the laws that anybody try to lay,
The day has come House Of Krazees down,
Trax layed down send rounds of death 'till yo body drowns,
Total anialation I'm feelin' like high speeds,
Surfin' the crowd as if it was the 7 seas,
So breathe in, no attempt to breathe out,
16 stones I throws takin' out the krazee house,
Pure momentum I'm droppin' ready to tear it up,
Insides feelin' like it's dead so take a big cup,
Soak up the rush got you stuck on accelarate,
Makin' my way through this place eternally a death race,
Sound barrier, pit-bull terrior,
Bitin' through the world with the wicked rap carrier,
Bury a sols', at the wind at 100 MPH jack,
Pound yo craniun, get set attack,
Veins feel the pain blood preassure remains,
At a boilin' point jump till it reaches the brain,
Oxygen cut off, sweatin' yo ass off time gets lost or caught,
As the world's spinnin into the cost of destruction,
It's charmed to meet with grief,
Droppin'em off in the grave site as I scream release,
Run the wild side everybody sometimes sin,
Pure as yo system can come,
Feel the adrenaline!!!
Repeat chorus 8X
SKRAPZ: Leave me alone cause,
I'm liable to snap like flipped insanity with a heart attack,
Wreckin' what I'm able to win so don't be lettin' yo guard off,
I'll leave you suckaz in stitches like Boris Karloff!
SOL: I start off the world win let the mosh pit begin,
House Of Krazees the men, lock you in and break you out again,
Makin' the trends, then condem the rappers maniac,
SOL attacks leave'em flatline no come backs
SKRAPZ: Throw out the key speedin' on I-94,
Rollin' 6 deep me and SOL, the trunk holds 4 more in-store,
Get off the exit cause the shit's gettin' to hecktik,
Put my tape into the deck and I eject it
SOL: So check it,
The rhymes leave'em numb like novacane,
Maintain the brain seep together like acid-rain,
I strain to see the cause,
Bouncin' off the walls like balls,
SOL can't fall hear me call,
Screamin' to the heavens y'all!!!
Repeat Chorus 4X

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