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Lil' Baby lyrics
Artist: Lil' Baby
Album: Street Gossip
Date: 2018-11-30
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Juice Wrld lyrics
Artist: Juice Wrld
Album: Armed and Dangerous - Single
Date: 2018-10-31
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Lil' Baby & Gunna lyrics
Artist: Lil' Baby & Gunna
Album: Drip Harder
Date: 2018-10-04
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
6ix9ine lyrics
Artist: 6ix9ine
Date: 2018-11-27
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Mariah Carey lyrics
Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: Caution
Date: 2018-11-16
Genre: R&B/Soul
Post Malone & Swae Lee lyrics
Artist: Post Malone & Swae Lee
Album: Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) - Single
Date: 2018-10-18
Genre: Soundtrack
Lauren Daigle lyrics
Artist: Lauren Daigle
Album: Behold (Deluxe)
Date: 2018-11-02
Genre: Holiday
Dustin Lynch lyrics
Artist: Dustin Lynch
Album: Good Girl - Single
Date: 2018-05-05
Genre: Country
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The Lost Song, Part 3 - Anathema
video update - by Seth
Now that I've found you I'm not going to leave you The world keeps on turning Spirits reflecting My heart beats for you Outside my body Tonight, in my mind's ...
This Is L.a. - Briggs
video update - by Michael
[Chorus:] This is L.A. Our city our home. Los Angeles, we never walk alone. Forever true we’ll stay in tribute to our city, no matter where we go ...
Echoes - Set Your Goals
video update - by Louie
A quick bullet: a tough one to dodge (no one ever does) It cuts fast and deep (picks your bones clean) And you just have to let it bleed I know the pain, it's all ...
Favorite - Neko Case
video update - by Sara
Oh lie I thought you were golden I thought you were wise Caught you returning To the house you caught fire But I know that I was your favorite And I said A ...
(l)mirl - Deftones
video update - by Eliza
I don't miss you I do not care where you are now You're a ghost to me Left with my taste in your mouth Taken away somewhere new I'm used to it This body ...
Gioia Infinita (soul Mix) (feat. Juanes) - Negrita
video update - by Alfie
L'onda lunga dell'asfalto scaccia le parole Sguardi persi oltre i vetri oltre di noi Il ritorno porta addosso mal di testa e mal d'anima Nei silenzi ognuno piano fr ...
Reader - Don The Reader
video update - by Bobby
Rosy cheeked are the meek. Convulsing so delicate. While making love to the drink. Inhale the effluvium of the blue-blooded void iron-lung. Exhale the ter ...
Satisfaction Guaranteed - Alyssa Reid
video update - by Charlotte
I screwed up I know And I did wrong I know Why'd I let you down You're the best thing around There's a hole in my heart And it tears me apart Cuz I let you down You ...
Doreen - Ace Of Base
video update - by Owen
Doreen, Do-Do-Doreen That somber day Doreen, Do-Do-Doreen What wouldn't I give to resume our last goodbye? I can't describe it We met by chance here i ...
La Calandria (The Lark) - Linda Ronstadt
video update - by Rose
written by Nicando Castillo Yo soy como la calandria Que para formar su nido Siempre busca rama fuerte Para no verlo caído Otros son como el venado Que por lis ...
Whippoorwill - Greg Brown
video update - by Mohammad
If you ever leave, and I imagine you will, It'll just be me and the whippoorwill - Just we two, and the evening star, If you pack your suitcase and go get in ...
Unwelcome - Plot In You
video update - by Sienna
Who do you think you are? You're nothing to me. There's nothing left to see, I put my hands behind my back, waiting for a hand to strike me "I'll tear t ...
Sonic Boom Boy - Westworld
video update - by Dexter
Someone tell me it aint true Why my heart belongs to you Well, at the end of everyday Ah, you take my breath away 'Cause I'm flyin' high on a rocket in the sky ...
Sucker For Pain (feat. Lil Wayne) - Ty Dolla Sign
video update - by Ivy
I torture you Take my hand through the flames I torture you I'm a slave to your games I'm just a sucker for pain I wanna chain you up I wanna tie you down I'm just ...
Start Me Up - Glee Cast
video update - by Aaron
Start me up Start me up Tommy used to work on the docks Union’s been on strike He’s down on his luck…it’s tough, so tough We’ve got to hold on r ...
One In A Million - Platters
video update - by Charles
There is one in a million like you A dream in a million come true I confess that I really don't know why But I know that I glow like I do Only once in a lifeti ...
Incident On 57th Street - Bruce Springsteen
video update - by Matilda
Spanish Johnny drove in from the underworld last night with bruised arms and broken rhythm and a beat-up old Buick but dressed just like dynamite, He tried sell ...
One Rode To Asa Bay - Bathory
video update - by Seth
Dedicated to Mr. Dean Anderson One man rode the way through the woods Down to Asa bay Where dragon ships had sailed to sea More times than one could say To see with ...
Love's A Word I Never Throw Around - Greencards
video update - by Mollie
I guess we’ve come full circle We’re strangers once again It’s hard to know we’d ever come to this It’s funny you were saying how you’d miss Yo ...
Mi Stracci Il Cuore (Perdere Il Controllo) - Gianluca Grignani
video update - by Oscar
No, non è una scusa no non è un mistero non devo dirti niente te lo giuro non è per lei che esco questa sera Lo sai riesci a farmi star male a chieder scu ...
Delight - Rei Yasuda
video update - by Daniel
光の輪をくぐり抜けて 走り出したら止まらない 君に向ã ...
God - Prince
video update - by Brooke
In the beginning, there was God He made the earth and the heavens He gave us light 2 rule the day And another light 2 rule the night The Lord, thy God ...
Duppy - Skepta
video update - by Hugo
Wedddd wedddd wedddd doin it again wedddd we dddd wwe kkkk kickin it again it again [x4] [Skepta:] I'm I'm I'm doin it again they tried to stop me but I'm doin ...
Mario - Bow Wow Wow
video update - by Faith
Mario was a halfbreed man, he used to make out, he was poor Mario's mum had him under her gun, 'cos her white side did him more Torn between two loyalties, leaving d ...
Lean On Me - Temptations
video update - by Scarlett
Sometimes in our lives we all have pain We all have sorrow But if we are wise we know that there's Always tomorrow Lean on me when you're not strong and I'll ...