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Thomas Rhett lyrics
Artist: Thomas Rhett
Album: Marry Me (Remix) - Single
Date: 2018-06-08
Genre: Pop
Tyga lyrics
Artist: Tyga
Album: Kyoto
Date: 2018-02-16
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Clean Bandit lyrics
Artist: Clean Bandit
Album: Solo (feat. Demi Lovato) [Syn Cole Remix] - Single
Date: 2018-09-21
Genre: Dance
Dan + Shay lyrics
Artist: Dan + Shay
Album: Tequila (The Remixes) - EP
Date: 2018-08-31
Genre: Pop
Travis Scott lyrics
Artist: Travis Scott
Date: 2018-08-03
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Cardi B lyrics
Artist: Cardi B
Album: I Like It (feat. Kontra K and AK Ausserkontrolle) - Single
Date: 2018-06-21
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Bts lyrics
Artist: Bts
Album: 화양연화, Pt. 2 The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 2
Date: 2015-11-30
Genre: K-Pop
Old Dominion lyrics
Artist: Old Dominion
Album: New York at Night (Remix) - Single
Date: 2018-08-24
Genre: Country
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God Be Praised - Desperation Band
video update - by Megan
Across the earth we see, worshippers believe. Hear our song, Praise to our God, praise to our God. From dawn to dusk we'll be, lifting up our King. Hear our song, ...
I Want To Go Home On The Morning Train - Son House
video update - by Georgia
I want to go home on the morning train Want to go home on the morning train I say, I wanta go home, wanta go home I wanta go home on the morning train C ...
Takes A Little Time - Ferron
video update - by Kai
Sadie's momma was a tanker always bowling her down to the ground And when Sadie got old enough she moved it on Her freedom was a one way bus to another town She had ...
Trust Yourself - Delta Goodrem
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
I need to tell the truth I can't lie anymore I need to do what's right I know that's what my life is for I can't be quiet anymore About what I'm supposed to do I ne ...
Ringer - Unlikely Candidates
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
She's a ringer Put a ring, put a ring, put a ring around her finger Put a ring, put a ring, put a ring It's a lady, got a lot of ambition Shady's my intiuition Say ...
Claro Que Te Amo - Banda Pelillos
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Pregúntale a tu alma pa' ver que dice de mi Pregúntale a mis sueños a ver que dicen de ti Pregúntale a la luna que ha pensado de tu ausencia Si estamos ...
Sprung - Teeflii
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
You're flirting with me, I'm flirting with you Let me feel all on you Annie let's stop playing around Let me take you home and dick you down And get you sprung on t ...
Sea Of Flags - Jessica Mauboy
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
All of the colors here connecting Into the wild we go hand in hand Making our way on a million journeys Searching our hearts for a pot of gold Dancing through an a ...
Love Behind - Potluck
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
You cannot leave our love behind. You cannot leave our love behind. You cannot leave our love behind. Love like this is just too hard to find. You cannot pretend I ...
Yoghurt - Ylvis
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Okay Stabs and drums Woah Yeah ah Let me tell you about a thing I really want some yoghurt Well, not exactly yoghurt But it has a taste of yoghurt And also kinda l ...
Lesson - Fu Manchu
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Stare, I can tell you why you're here Find all the things you left behind Cry to explain how you survived Turn, I won't leave and try Lesson you've taught me I kno ...
Cheerleader - Pentatonix
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
When I need motivation My one solution is my queen 'cause she stays strong Yeah, yeah She is always in my corner right there when I want her All these other girls ...
Owls - Handsome Family
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
The blue house at the corner of Twilight and State Four storeys, soaring turrets, floors of wood parquet And owls, so many owls, snowy, horned and screech Thousand ...
Incomparable - Marco Mengoni
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Lo siento pero hoy Hoy sé que ante la duda hay que arriesgarse Y saco del cajón Las lágrimas ocultas de algún héroe He vuelto y aquí estoy Ya ves ...
Kill - Jadakiss
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
What am I (A real nigga) This coupe I'm in cost a quarter mil nigga Niggas hatin, I feel niggas AK47 locked and loaded 'bout to kill niggas (Huh now what you say) I ...
I'm Not Giving Up - Delta Goodrem
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
There's beauty in your sadness There is love in every teardrop rolling down your face There is heartbreak in the sunshine There is healing in the storms behind the ...
Passionately - Potluck
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
This is my time to fly now. Getting away from you is all that's on my mind. Your lovin' almost killed me. You almost hypnotized me into staying behind. Passionatel ...
Jan Egeland - Ylvis
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Gray hair Glasses Suitcase Humble Clever And constantly working for peace Uganda Congo And the Oslo treaty plan Oh my God, what a plan Not as famous as Gahr Stare ...
Bone Theory - Shvpes
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Unearth the reason; The path forever lost in my mind Soil surrounded; the mask the soulless hide behind I found my solace in death The faithful promise of breath I ...
Never Again - Fu Manchu
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
I search for a quiet place to hide This seems to happen all the time I look everywhere, high and low I forgot everything I know And I will Never again, never again ...
Light In The Hallway - Pentatonix
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Close your eyes, lay your head down Now it's time to sleep May you find great adventure As you lie and dream If you're scared of the darkness I will calm your fear ...
Glow Worm - Handsome Family
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Up the snowy spires, where the air is thin as glass Once a year, the cold mists clear and you can see inside the earth High in that crystal palace I built a sailing ...
Terminus - La Fouine
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Oh Kilogra', kilogra', kilogrammes dans le coffre, on revient d'Ketama Kilomètres, kilomètres, kilomètres parcourus pour en arriver là Kalash braquée ...
Ain't Got No Money - Bob Seger
video update - by Jack
Well I'm looking for a woman About five foot six Who ain't into glamour She's just into kicks Just a sweet fashion lady Stepping dynamite Who's gonna take me f ...
Strange Attractor - Animal Kingdom
video update - by Esme
Strange attractor Strange, strange attractor Strange attractor Verse: The light in your eyes Well it's pulling me in Yeah, it's pulling me in A heart tha ...