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Lil' Wayne lyrics
Artist: Lil' Wayne
Album: Tha Carter V
Date: 2018-09-28
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Juice Wrld lyrics
Artist: Juice Wrld
Album: Wasted (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) - Single
Date: 2018-07-10
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Post Malone lyrics
Artist: Post Malone
Album: beerbongs & bentleys
Date: 2018-04-27
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Queen Naija lyrics
Artist: Queen Naija
Album: No Strings - Single
Date: 2018-04-18
Genre: Pop
Eminem lyrics
Artist: Eminem
Album: Kamikaze
Date: 2018-08-31
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Dj Snake lyrics
Artist: Dj Snake
Album: Taki Taki (feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B) - Single
Date: 2018-09-28
Genre: Dance
Marshmello lyrics
Artist: Marshmello
Album: Joytime II
Date: 2018-06-22
Genre: Dance
Xxxtentacion lyrics
Artist: Xxxtentacion
Album: ?
Date: 2018-03-16
Genre: Pop
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Rhythm Of The Night - El Debarge
video update - by Maria
When it feels like the world is on your shoulders, And all of the madness has got you going crazy. It's time to get out, step out into the street, Where all ...
Running - Information Society
video update - by Eva
Hot steamy night alone, I wait for you Cold brittle morning alone and I cry for you And when you finally call You cloak your moves in the shadows Those days an ...
Das Beste Kommt Noch - Staubkind
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Du bist wie so oft am Zweifeln Hast deinen Kopf gesenkt Das Leben und die Liebe Haben dir nicht viel geschenkt Du hattest viele Glücksmomente Doch mit der Zeit ...
Who I Am - Lil' Xan
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Chorus] Xans don't make me what I am Xans gon' mess up all my friends Fans go nuts when we jump in Xans don't make me who I am Xans don't make me what I am [Verse ...
Westside - This Wild Life
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Verse 1] Your head fits right into my shoulder My hands feel cold but yours feel colder And you're burning up inside I see the pain behind your eyes I know my hand ...
Just You And Me - Chicago
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
You are my love and my life, You are my inspiration. Just you and me. Simple and free. Baby your everything, I ever dreamed of. Yea, yea. Give me your own special s ...
Up All Night - Volumes
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
I tried a thousand times to make you feel it Like the days when we had first met But I feel I never moved you What the fuck how did we forget? And in another life ...
In My Head - Galantis
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
It's been just four days But it's outta my hands When I wake alone I am catching my breath And when I close my eyes I get lost in your face I'm gonna fall fall hard ...
Call Me (english Translation) - Btob
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Everything you envy me It's not just because you're pretty. The more I do, the better you are. Call me anytime Go where no one comes. Hundreds of millions of stars ...
All About You - Oh Wonder
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Verse 1] You walk around the town like you born in a golden crown You're speaking with the angels loud but no one understands ya You got the sharpest bite as any k ...
Enough - Kelela
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Verse 1] Hitting me up while you're sitting by yourself Taking me up so I still endure When the high dies I fall apart And you're sorry, I see it in your eyes [Ch ...
In Haze - Iceage
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Verse 1] Come aid your wounded limbs I know that you're hurt Don't hide your bleeding hands You know it is overt One barrier holds you back Is that not the truth A ...
Let It Rain - East 17
video update - by Sebastian
As we walk through the Corridor of creation We see lands divide Nation against nation Like comets they collide And we pray We pray for the unseen To be seen by the e ...
Lost Inside Your Love - Badfinger
video update - by Leo
What can I say, what can I do? All of my life I've been a victim of you What can I say or do? Lost inside your love What can it be, who can I see? All of yo ...
It's All About Believin' - Def Leppard
video update - by Ava
I won't run I won't hide I'm not alone Cause your here inside Like a bird I can fly Don't need a reason why You are my destination You are my de ...
Separated Self - Saliva
video update - by Layla
If there's a God at Heaven's door Do you think He wants me anymore? It's all left up to circumstances A whole life filled with second chances Pounded in like n ...
Tears In God's Eyes - Ty Herndon
video update - by Ella
One man can't sleep in his penthouse bed, Wall Street worries fill his head While another man dreams in his cardboard shed on Broadway Early morning traffic jam, w ...
Vahle - Volumes
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
All my life I can't define This single instant This graphic moment To step foot on this To step foot on this You'll never know You're the reason I came I cannot do ...
Bruk Bruk (i Need Your Lovin') - Dillon Francis
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Oh Oh Ooh Oh Oh Oh Ooh Oh Let's Take It Back Back Back Back Oh Oh Ooh Oh Yeah Bruk Bruk Oh Oh Ooh Oh I Need Your Lovin I Need Your Lovin Oh Oh Ooh Oh I Need Your ...
Icebreaker - Btob
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
Igeon bimillo haejwo Don't tell your friends no Yeogiseo han yaegineun Top secret wo Geogjeonghaji malgo Come on the dance floor Hanbeon masbogo ga IceBreaker wo J ...
Kill 'em With The Love - Galantis
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
It's in the whispers of biology It's in my heart, it's in my soul It's in the make believe of geometry It's in the stories I've been told We had tried it all But it ...
Agony - Yung Lean
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Verse 1] Take a pill and go to sleep I'm chasing witches in the street I'm the last page in your book Can't write a song, only do hooks Watching horses in the fiel ...
Floor Show - Kelela
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Verse 1] Give me a reason to listen Tell me, I already know your answer Under her spell You pledge your allegiance Tell me no more, I studied your steelo But I can ...
Drugzilla - Pig
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
I've been delivered, I've seen the light We'll fix your needs each day and night I see you standing, now wait in line Come turn my water into wine He'll shed a lig ...
All We Do - Oh Wonder
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
All we do is hide away All we do is, all we do is hide away All we do is chase the day All we do is, all we do is chase the day All we do is lie and wait All we do ...