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Thomas Rhett lyrics
Artist: Thomas Rhett
Album: Life Changes (Deluxe Version)
Date: 2018-09-21
Genre: Country
Dean Lewis lyrics
Artist: Dean Lewis
Album: Be Alright (Acoustic) - Single
Date: 2018-09-07
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Travis Scott lyrics
Artist: Travis Scott
Date: 2018-08-03
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Cardi B lyrics
Artist: Cardi B
Album: I Like It (feat. Kontra K and AK Ausserkontrolle) - Single
Date: 2018-06-21
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Billie Eilish lyrics
Artist: Billie Eilish
Album: WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired by the Film "ROMA") - Single
Date: 2019-01-09
Genre: Alternative
Mark Ronson lyrics
Artist: Mark Ronson
Album: Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) [Martin Solveig Remix] - Single
Date: 2019-01-18
Genre: Pop
Jake Owen lyrics
Artist: Jake Owen
Album: Catch a Cold One - Single
Date: 2018-11-16
Genre: Country
Lil' Wayne lyrics
Artist: Lil' Wayne
Album: Tha Carter V
Date: 2018-09-28
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
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Stompa - Serena Ryder
video update - by Tilly
People, working every night and day Never give yourself no time Got too many bills to pay Slow down, nothing’s gonna disappear If you give yourself some room ...
Testimony - Kodak Black
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
I'm God-sent, I know I'm God-sent I swear 'fore God You know what I'm talkin' 'bout? Now, I done overcame so much obstacles Came up from up under so much rock ...
Vaina Loca - Ozuna
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
[Ozuna:] Aura No va a ser tan fácil Aunque me esquives como quiera Tras de ti, voy tras de ti (yeh) Tú tienes todo lo que quiero para mí [Manuel ...
Set The Roof (feat. Lil Jon) - Rae Sremmurd
lyrics addition - by mxm4
We set the roof on fire We set the roof on fire We set the roof on fire We set the roof on fire We set the roof on fire We set the roof on fire We set the roof on f ...
Fingers - Zayn
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Fucked, then I want ya Looked, then I loved ya Stuck, now I need ya Hoping I'd see ya Touch and I feel how Much can you see her, no Hiding all your features, slidin ...
Vertigo - Andrea Bocelli
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Benvenuta Vergine del vento Dolce spirito del cuor Che sciogli l'anima dal pianto E dello scempio fai splendor E sai portarmi oltre la vita che vorrei Porgi ...
Tu Serenata - Diomedes Diaz
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Ay! Perdona morenita que llegue a estas horas a interrumpir tus sueños si es que estás dormida pero es que en ésta noche siento que mi vida deambula por la ...
Te Amo - Tito Nieves
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Ay si pudiera entender porque tanto cambiaste mi vida y borraste mi ayer si antes yo nunca fui un juguete de nadie y el tonto que soy para ti mas mi corazon no conc ...
Never Comin Down - Keith Urban
lyrics addition - by mxm4
I can feel it coming on now As the music plays Taking shots with the night owls As the world just fades away Got a big check in my pocket 'Bout to get it all good L ...
Street To Street - Rhino Bucket
lyrics addition - by mxm4
I'm a bad motherfuckin' man if you take what's mine If you mess with my woman and child, it's your suicide These streets ain't paved in gold These streets are cover ...
Back Up - Cross Movement
lyrics addition - by mxm4
1: In the pages of the Bible, we see that God is from everlasting to everlasting Now, we're not about to drop an everlasting rhyme, but we are going to peer into a ...
Dream On Hayley - James Morrison
video update - by Sara
Some people sleep easy, some people dont. See you keep your light on, stops you feeling so alone. Some people make it better, some make it worse. You thoug ...
Ghost (remix) - Notorious B.i.g.
video update - by Theo
[Intro] yours terms, you don't feel it move, and one night you look up, one spark and the sky's on fire [The Notorious BIG] Check it, Big Poppa th ...
We Will Meet Once Again - Andrea Bocelli
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Scusa, ma è difficile parlare Quando il tempo è così breve Vorrei dirti così tante cose Ma non trovo le parole Grazie per avermi regalato La pazienza d ...
Here Tonight - Brett Young
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
If ever I get lost in your eyes tonight Please just let me stay right there a little bit longer Underneath the stars, we are on fire And I don't wanna go if yo ...
Body - Loud Luxury
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Babe, don't make a sound 2 a.m. love gotta keep it down (keep it down) Don't wait around for a signal now Gimme some verbs I ain't talkin' nouns (I'm naughty) ...
Ven Conmigo - Diomedes Diaz
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Yo no se cual estrella me vio ese día en que naci Ni la suerte que a mi me tocó, ni lo quiero saber Solo se que te llevo en el alma y al pueblo también Ya ...
Tus Promesas De Amor - Tito Nieves
lyrics addition - by mxm4
porque sabes que Dios ya sabra castigarte si rompes tus promesas de amor Ay Nooo, no puedes olvidarme porque dentro de tu alma tan solo hay una imagen y esa imagen ...
Solitary Singer - Eliza Gilkyson
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Dark comes down like a bird in flight Most good people have gone to rest But us poor fools who wake at night When we're lonely, we sing our best Listen and hark, ou ...
Same Heart - Keith Urban
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Traded in my old Toyota And I moved outta that shoebox apartment I been wearing brand new clothes Even changed the number on my phone, mmm Different bars and differ ...
Comfort Ye - Celtic Thunder
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Comfort ye, Comfort ye my people, Comfort ye my people Says your God Says your God Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem and cry unto ...
Take Me Down - Rhino Bucket
lyrics addition - by mxm4
I'm not one to brag, but I used to be a hell'uva happy man I never stood a change Suicide would have been a much better plan A two faced evil game From the day you ...
Cypha 911 - Cross Movement
lyrics addition - by mxm4
The Tonic: Ay yo, I'm screamin 911! I got a man down, son And death is trying to Take him under like biggie, pac and pun I need backup and bring the full doses Ah, ...
Astral Corpse - Impaler
video update - by Emma
Still the God of slaves Punishes progressive thoughts The hell in which you're born Is destined o drag you down Down to a lake of fire Damnation arrives to seal you ...
S.o.s. - Sun
video update - by Tommy
I don't want you but I can't resist you So my mind hits you, watch me explode I can't resist you, and when I miss you Watch my heart just explode To all my ...