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Lil' Wayne lyrics
Artist: Lil' Wayne
Album: Tha Carter V
Date: 2018-09-28
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Quavo lyrics
Artist: Quavo
Date: 2018-10-12
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics
Artist: 5 Seconds Of Summer
Album: Killer Queen - Single
Date: 2018-10-25
Genre: Pop
Chainsmokers lyrics
Artist: Chainsmokers
Album: This Feeling (feat. Kelsea Ballerini) [Remixes] - EP
Date: 2018-11-09
Genre: Dance
Old Dominion lyrics
Artist: Old Dominion
Album: Make It Sweet - Single
Date: 2018-10-08
Genre: Country
Maroon 5 lyrics
Artist: Maroon 5
Album: Red Pill Blues (Deluxe)
Date: 2017-11-03
Genre: Pop
Bebe Rexha lyrics
Artist: Bebe Rexha
Album: I'm a Mess (Acoustic) - Single
Date: 2018-10-19
Genre: Pop
Halsey lyrics
Artist: Halsey
Album: Without Me - Single
Date: 2018-10-04
Genre: Alternative
Latest Updates on eLyrics
Run Out - Racoon
video update - by Albert
Run out Someone should know the way But they just failed to tell me And don’t be late they say Don’t be late Someone should know your name ...
U Know - Boyz II Men
video update - by Harley
I heard you're gonna leave me I've known it for a while I wasn't naive to the news My mind just couldn't walk a mile I only see you with me Cause I know th ...
March Onward To Your Nightmare - Dagames
video update - by Layla
What did you think you were playing in the shadows of your mind? What is it you think you see, from the signs in your mind? OOH WELL THE NIGHTS BEGAN HARDER AND ...
Fashioncore '88 - Weekend Nachos
video update - by Alex
the money you spend on dunks could feed me for three weeks you look like you played in Bold you're pathetic and weak fashioncore works many fucking ways you' ...
The Life Machine - Tubeway Army
video update - by Lily
Me i've just died But some machine keeps on humming I'm just an extra piece of dead meat to keep running Why won't you let me die in peace Why won't you le ...
Light In The Hole - Udora
video update - by Bobby
Shaken by the rapture All I know is out of place Gave in to the lure to kiss her face Ruthless in reaction Stern embrace I learned to crave She's the mas ...
Robots 3 Humans 0 - Norma Jean
video update - by Annabelle
Open that door: I'll follow you into that space Where nothing is regretted then forgotten Where is that grace that carries me out? So strange it's mine It's ...
Ohio - Neil Young
video update - by Freya
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, We're finally on our own. This summer I hear the drumming, Four dead in Ohio. Gotta get down to it Soldiers are cutting us do ...
Balla Balla Bambina - Wiggles
video update - by Zara
Balla balla o balla bambina Balla balla fina mattina Balla balla o balla piccina Balla balla e non ti fermar Sette stelle alla mattina Balla pure con tua cugin ...
Some Things Are Better Left Alone - Tyler Kyte
video update - by Scarlett
You've never been this distant Since the day we first met Now you're standing there tongue tied I know you're hiding something And you keep it blinded I ...
A Small Gesture A Thousand Small Happy Gestures (shone In The Dust) - Unpersons
video update - by Dylan
( ) image of the sun is broken f-floating crawling shimmering gibbering just on the surface merely on the surface flow(er)ing afterbirth (swel ...
Palm Reader - Valient Thorr
video update - by Layla
Somebody told me some lies, oh no what a surprise, you can see cause you opened up your eyes, now whos gonna be there momma we'll see, the futures for the ta ...
I'll Never Smile Again - Platters
video update - by Imogen
I'll never smile again Until I smile at you I'll never laugh again What good would it do? For tears would fill my eyes My heart would realize That our ...
Karma Of The Wicker Man - Vampyrouss
video update - by Lilly
The symbol of death reflected in her eyesFeelings of remorse suggest a shattered mind Remembering how she let the flame expire Watching the line draw deep i ...
I The Mighty Defeatist - I The Mighty
video update - by Mia
If imagery could walk out of my head, you'd see yourself in bed with me. I can hear you through the walls. Can you quiet down those moans, I'm the jealo ...
Kid On The Block - Phora
video update - by Alice
Ayo, I used to wanna be the toughest kid on the block Till I found out the toughest kid always gets shot I used to wanna make a mill pushin that rock Till I foun ...
You Will Know - Inbreds
video update - by Rosie
Thinking about tomorrowWasting every day I know that I can't stay anyway Just have to touch me and you will know And then you will know Sounding unconvi ...
Let Me Roll It - Click Five
video update - by Michael
You gave me something, I understand, You gave me loving in the palm of my hand I can't tell you how I feel My heart is like a wheel Let me roll it L ...
Billie Holiday - Ella Henderson
video update - by Jacob
I remember when daddy said What do you want to be? I said I wanna be a mermaid to live under the sea Well I knew it wouldn't work out as I looked down to my feet ...
Ku Tak Bisa - Slank
video update - by Jude
Pernah Berpikir 'tuk Pergi Dan Terlintas Tinggalkan Kau Sendiri Sempat Ingin Sudahi Sampai Di Sini Coba Lari Dari Kenyataan Tapi Ku Tak Bisa Jauh Jauh Darimu Ku Tak ...
Love Rain - Jill Scott
video update - by Lucy
Love rain down on me,on me,down on me [4x] Met him on a thursday,sunny afternoon Cumulus clouds, 84 degrees He was brown,deep Said he wanted to talk abo ...
Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays - Empyrium
video update - by Ella
When through the starry night the mists of autumn glide the air is filled with tragedies of olden times Where with a dreadful tone a nightbird plays its song in for ...
Angel - Violet Indiana
video update - by Daisy
Come home to me So i can bathe You and me Home to me I'm watching down Through cloudy eyes Up above The misty sky Looking through The sadness (?a?) lef ...
Ephemeral - Vanguard
video update - by Frankie
Sunlight creeping from the curtains Fear is setting in Confinement taking over Day has spread its evil wings Eternity grips me again Always coming bac ...
Attack! - Motion
video update - by Ronnie
chorus:You gotta hold on, Wait for the daybreak to open its arms and carry you back home You gotta wait for that If not youre stuck watching your own back ...