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Summer Walker lyrics
Artist: Summer Walker
Album: CLEAR - EP
Date: 2019-01-25
Genre: R&B/Soul
Nipsey Hussle lyrics
Artist: Nipsey Hussle
Album: Victory Lap
Date: 2018-02-16
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Lil' Nas X lyrics
Artist: Lil' Nas X
Album: Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix] - Single
Date: 2019-04-07
Genre: Country
City Girls lyrics
Artist: City Girls
Album: Girl Code
Date: 2018-11-16
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Thomas Rhett lyrics
Artist: Thomas Rhett
Album: Center Point Road
Date: 2019-05-31
Genre: Country
Nicky Jam lyrics
Artist: Nicky Jam
Album: Fénix
Date: 2017-01-20
Genre: Latin Urban
Chase Rice lyrics
Artist: Chase Rice
Album: Eyes On You (Acoustic Chill) - Single
Date: 2018-08-31
Genre: Country
Morgan Wallen lyrics
Artist: Morgan Wallen
Album: Cover Me Up - Single
Date: 2019-04-05
Genre: Country
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God Only Knows - Stephanie Mcintosh
video update - by Ollie
How I wake in the morning, How I won't see the space that gave me hope here in my bed How I make my cup of coffee, How I walk to the subway and not miss you h ...
Russian Roulette - Tsunami Bomb
video update - by Harriet
Something isn't right, something's got you down You feel mechanical, a lost soul in the crowd You're one of us so none of us are going to listen to you complain Y ...
Rock With U - Janet Jackson
video update - by Sienna
(I want to rock with you) I want to rock with you Just once (I want to rock with you) Come on Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [3x] (I want to rock with you) ...
Back On My Feet - Paul McCartney
video update - by Lydia
How many days will the wet weather last? I want to know will the clouds, when they roll back Reveal a man in an old mac Living on a park bench, sitting on his own ...
On The Air - Peter Gabriel
video update - by Victoria
Built in the belly of junk by the river, my cabin stands; Made from the trash I dug off the heap with my own bare hands. Every night I'm back at the shack, I'm sur ...
I Love Her I Love Her - Chuck Berry
video update - by Callum
I love her, I love her I love her, I'm in love with her There's no other problem As big as the one living without her Ah! Mama, we'll make it With her I can tak ...
Silence - Threnody
video update - by Theo
My friends, don't weep for me As I explore new lands I write this final chapter with grief and laughter This book, my story All things come to an end This book, my s ...
Jesus On The Radio (daddy On The Phone) - Tom T. Hall
video update - by Theodore
Mama likes to listen to the grand old gospel time Daddy is a cowboy drinkin' beer and wine Mama's in the kitchen standin' there all alone She got Jesus on the rad ...
It's My Life - Police
video update - by Elizabeth
It's a hard world to get a break in All the good things have been taken But girl there are ways to make certain things pay Though I'm dressed in these rag ...
International - America
video update - by Matthew
Hey, Jesus hey it's me Now I've gone international And become very rational As you decree Hey, Jesus it's our day Now I can bring them home to you Thou ...
The Void Inside The Darkness - Warhammer
video update - by Elliott
Welcome to the new age of terror Hatred's here like you've never seen before The madness has settled over to stay What we can't stand, we kill anything that's in our ...
Not Forgotten - Peter Frampton
video update - by Louie
What do you do When you learn There's no tomorrow? Hold hands, sing songs, Live life till you're gone, But not forgotten. What do you do When you're sad And heavy ...
Dum Dum Feat. Lecrae - Tedashii
video update - by Aaron
Intro: Tedashii: Okay, T-dot, Creezy Lecrae: Yeah, haha, uh Tedashii: C'mon Lecrae: I guess I'm just a misfit, huh? Tedashii: Yeah Lecrae: Do I come in ...
Low Light Low Life - P.o.s
video update - by Teddy
[Sims:] Yeah, uh... Barrel full of powder, ship full of tea Closer by the hour, bringing sick to the seas Bellies full of barder, think with the thieves ...
Leaving - Last Chance
video update - by Emily
(Chorus) Please don't leave me Without sayin' goodbye Without sayin' goodbye You and I cold February night It's been half an hour Taking sweet time ...
Fahrenheit - Joe Mcelderry
video update - by Katie
I can feel it deep inside of me Something primal the beginnings of a scream About to let go I can hear it bouncing in my head Keeps repeating every thought I've ...
Hardcore - Lab
video update - by Scarlett
I'm perfect, everybody likes me I just need someone to blame I'm lovely, I do all I'm asked to I have so much to revenge... And only you can force out the ...
Stay Calm - Griffinilla
video update - by Samuel
[Intro] There's a shadow on the wall; stay calm, stay calm There's a figure in the hall; stay calm, stay calm Keep my wits and stay alive Wish I had a 9 to 5 There' ...
Devil's Child - Judas Priest
video update - by Ryan
Hypnotize me, mesmerize me Feel my willpower slip Light my fire with cold desire Losing all my grip Eat my diamonds Drinking all my gin Feast your eyes on A whole ...
Work As One - Kizzy
video update - by Poppy
Looking back in my youth I wish I knew the things that I know now But it all has changed And we'll have to move on to a new time I've had my fill, my sh ...
So Sweet - Johnathan Rice
video update - by Lily
Back then when the heartbreak came yeah it hit me pretty hard I waved hello and goodbye to the ghosts on the boulevard Well oh my baby you're so sweet it make ...
Rockin' Train - Joe Perry
video update - by Bethany
When the train leaves the station Everybody's got to be on board Get on board-all aboard Get on board-all aboard We got a smokin' locomotive Rollin' o ...
More Like Me - Trick Pony
video update - by Jude
I woke up this mornin' With a feelin' that was gone for quite some time Your long gone face has been replaced With better thoughts now runnin' through my mind ...
Isabel - Fields
video update - by Isabelle
Isabel, nothing will be there to find In your eyes, show me theres a place to hide Time stands still Nothings left to fall down hill Isabel, you le ...
Un Uomo Solo - Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
video update - by Bobby
Musica e testo : V. Nocenzi Se la mia donna crede solo in me, non cercare di cambiarle i pensieri. Non puoi farci niente vali troppo poco, sei pi? povero di c ...