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Xxxtentacion lyrics
Artist: Xxxtentacion
Album: 17
Date: 2017-08-25
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Post Malone lyrics
Artist: Post Malone
Album: Candy Paint - Single
Date: 2017-10-20
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Miguel lyrics
Artist: Miguel
Album: War & Leisure
Date: 2017-12-01
Genre: R&B/Soul
21 Savage & Metro Boomin lyrics
Artist: 21 Savage & Metro Boomin
Album: Savage Mode
Date: 2016-07-15
Genre: Rap
Migos lyrics
Artist: Migos
Album: Culture
Date: 2017-01-27
Genre: Hip-Hop
Shawn Mendes lyrics
Artist: Shawn Mendes
Album: MTV Unplugged
Date: 2017-11-03
Genre: Pop
Demi Lovato lyrics
Artist: Demi Lovato
Album: Tell Me You Love Me
Date: 2017-09-29
Genre: Pop
Tay-k lyrics
Artist: Tay-k
Album: #SantanaWorld
Date: 2017-07-17
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
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Fiesta - Danna Paola
video update - by Heidi
No, no, no, no queremos, no, ser tan huecas como las divinas No, no, no, no queremos, no, ser muñecas sin corazón, no, no, no Si, si, si, queremos, si, compartir ...
Erase The Burden - Divine Souls
video update - by Maria
One more day without my deepest love Another day in sorrow I struggle to survive from the Life you left behind But I know that our time will come again ...
Action Please - Dominus
video update - by Dylan
"What about today? What? Do you remember what you said, you would do, if you got a hit record, you said you would go out and preach His word! Did I say ...
Life's Wheel - Heather Alexander
lyrics addition - by mxm4
(full circle) Life's wheel turn again Life's wheel turn again Come full 'round, come full 'round Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall Magic lives in one and all Come ful ...
Teardrops - Rick James
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
(Teardrops are falling from your eyes Teardrops are falling, teardrops are falling Teardrops are falling from your eyes Teardrops are falling, teardrops are fa ...
Beautiful Day - Etana
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
I'm not going to work today Such a lovely day Oh, what a lovely day The sun is shining, people smiling I know what a lovely day It should feel like this ever ...
Gavrilo - Dreadnoughts
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Hello my dear old friend Good to see your face again How is your little cell? Do they treat you well? The last time that we met Your blood was running hot Your hand ...
In The Midst Of Ruin - Cannibal Corpse
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
The present has become the past Mayhem and chaos foreboding Brought back to the dark ages Modern technology wiped from the earth A world darkened once again ...
You & I Wait - Katastro
lyrics addition - by mxm4
I couldn„¢t run for your loving, I couldn„¢t chase anymore I„¢m all alone, so I wonder how I„¢ll feel when she„¢s gone I will show you all you need t ...
Everybody - Chris Janson
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Everybody wanna get rich, but nobody wants to work Everybody wants to fall in love, but nobody wants to get hurt Nobody wants to punch that clock, but everybody ...
There Was A Princess Long Ago - Wiggles
lyrics addition - by mxm4
There was a princess Long ago, long ago, long ago; There was a princess long ago, Long, long ago. And she lived in a big high tower, A big high tower, a big high t ...
Privilege - Stars
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
[Amy Milan:] Crawling in the street made me believe you The little time you left wanted to keep you A dreamer never dies don't stop believing Cut a heart in h ...
Every Little Thing - Russell Dickerson
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
My baby, she's Alabama A dixie land delight, kissin' me like molasses Slow and sweet, mhm just right She's an endless August summer Sunshine 365 When she for ...
Happy Hell - Drunkard
video update - by Esme
Kill, rave, trends teaching our metal law War, fight, death, gaining all hell's control Scream, loud, noise decibel massacre Drink booze die, hell is the fin ...
Dead Weight As Far As The Eye Can See - Destroyer Destroyer
video update - by Cameron
She's the last scene of every movie when you wish he would have made the move while he still had the chance. I can't keep my eyes open long enough to find out whatev ...
The Truth About Lars - Lifetime
video update - by Esme
I chose a life of missed callings and lost hopes of empty trains and railway dreams. Losing fast and gaining steam. I was born tonight down highway skies. When m ...
Even While I Sleep - Willy Deville
video update - by Blake
You maybe far away Or just maybe down yhe street. I hear every sound that you make, And every time that your heart beats. You're there in every dream I dre ...
Stop - Psychotica
video update - by Ibrahim
Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll Are not enough to feed my soul But I'm not the type to sit around and wallow You build me up to tear me down Pull me into lost and ...
Honest - Eurythmics
video update - by Charlotte
Now Jerry was no architect But she sure knew how to put out all the lights I once watched her walk right Through a plate glass window And never even look hack N ...
Never Satisfied - Iggy Azalea
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Wake up, wake up Don't know who you think you dealin' with, no fake love Cause you fuckin' with the realest me, no makeup You're out here swimming with a no-na ...
Driving In The Rain - Russell Dickerson
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Twenty-four west bound, rain coming on down Must have lost my grip, let my tongue slip once again Make her roll her eyes, oh, and clench her fist Turn around a ...
Hideous Ichor - Cannibal Corpse
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Decay, distinct and putrid Moldering remnants compel Fetor, the stench entices me Singular insanity guiding me, driving me Consume the putrefied rot Bodies ...
Foreign Skies - Dreadnoughts
lyrics addition - by mxm4
We are the men of sweat and steel We are the men the world denies So now we walk abandoned fields Beneath these foreign skies We're gonna join the bitter test And ...
Watch It Burn - Katastro
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Love and it's consequences You can't win but you can't get out Leaving yourself defenseless So high you can't get back down Love and it's consequences One long dram ...
Se Mete El Sol - Mc Davo
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Se mete el sol Gente con música en coches Prendemos maquinas hacemos nuestra la noche Tiran con esa basura y yo estoy para hacer la música que dura Yo agarro ...