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Luke Combs lyrics
Artist: Luke Combs
Album: The Prequel - EP
Date: 2019-06-07
Genre: Country
Chris Brown lyrics
Artist: Chris Brown
Album: Indigo
Date: 2019-06-28
Genre: R&B/Soul
Summer Walker lyrics
Artist: Summer Walker
Album: CLEAR - EP
Date: 2019-01-25
Genre: R&B/Soul
Lil' Uzi Vert lyrics
Artist: Lil' Uzi Vert
Album: That's a Rack - Single
Date: 2019-04-10
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Dababy lyrics
Artist: Dababy
Album: Baby on Baby
Date: 2019-03-01
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Lizzo lyrics
Artist: Lizzo
Album: Juice (Breakbot Mix) - Single
Date: 2019-05-10
Genre: Pop
Justin Moore lyrics
Artist: Justin Moore
Album: Late Nights and Longnecks
Date: 2019-04-26
Genre: Country
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Reach Out - Stryper
video update - by Brooke
Verse 1 I was looking for the answer all the time Always looking, never finding I was empty inside Falling into darkness Needing the light to see Reaching out for sh ...
Last Time - Sonny James
video update - by Jacob
Somewhere outside the wind is wailing this time tomorrow I'll be sailing Oh my love hold me as if it was our last time Somewhere outside the bird is crying sounds ...
Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Michael Kiske
video update - by Hannah
[Music + lyrics: M. Weikath] Make the people hold each other's hands and fill their hearts with truth you made up your mind so do as divined Put on your ar ...
Lake Light - Breathe Owl Breathe
video update - by Daisy
Golden, golden kindness stay another day. My child, you've got a fever- Did you see her, your great grandmother? I'm walking in between your steps, so I know, how ...
It's You Or No One - Sarah Vaughan
video update - by Daniel
It's you or no one for me I'm sure of this each time we kiss Now and forever and when forever's done You'll find that you are still the one Please don't say ...
All Of Me - Dean Martin
video update - by Toby
All of me Why not take all of me Can't you see I'm no good without you Take my lips I want to lose them Take my arms I'll never use them Your goodb ...
Beautiful Girl - Sweetbox
video update - by Jessica
Another magazine creates a dream that I can't reach That I can't be but I try to be And another label tells me That it's just not enough to be just me Airbrush t ...
Drinking From The Bottle (Ft. Tinie Tempah) - Calvin Harris
video update - by Amy
I compete for everything it's on you, so everything it's on me Got them girls gone Cindy Lauper got and a little blondie If you ain't drug, then you in the wrong ...
Address - Gary Granada
video update - by Martha
Kung ika'y may reklamo sa ating mga batas Na hindi makatao at ang turing di patas Huwag kang mag-atubili na sumulat sa Congress Tiyakin mo lang hane na tama ang iyo ...
You Can Vote However You Like - Ron Clark Academy
video update - by Dylan
Obama on the left McCain on the right We can talk politics all night And you can vote however you like You can vote however you like, yeah Democratic left Republic ...
Dog Bumped - Tim Barry
video update - by Riley
One quick minute got me 28 long years But I’d do it again, I don’t regret it He laid his hand on my sister Too many times when I was near And I shot hi ...
New York New York - Frank Sinatra
video update - by Emilia
Start spreading the news I'm leaving today I want to be a part of it New York, New York These vagabond shoes are longing to stray Right through the ...
Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
video update - by William
I've heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this, the fourth ...
I Feel Good - Lil' Wayne
video update - by Ruby
[Intro] Tunechi, baby [Verse 1] Lord I think I'm ballin' too hard And my girlfriend think she too much, all she do is get pretty I get shit faced, don't we make a ...
What's Good About Good-bye - Dionne Warwick
video update - by Bella
What's good about goodbye? Fair about farewell You know a broken heart Can come from such a broken spell Your love could bring eternal spring Your kiss could be a ...
Why Dreams Bleed - Index Case
video update - by Erin
Run to wash the sink Remember the time let go Persuasive hands to clean You're holding lies I know Run to wash the sink Remember the signs let go Pers ...
El Vicio De Tu Amor - Juana La Loca
video update - by Katie
El vicio de tu amor Que bien se ve Tu boca en mi piel A punto de Inyectarme Placer Es tan fugaz Lo que me ofreces Pero me haces Vivir otra vez ...
Uguale A Ieri - Carmen Consoli
video update - by Georgia
troppo presto non avevamo finito ma cosa importa se il tempo è stato ingiusto ed io studiavo il modo migliore per dire le cose in equilibrio sulle mie stesse parole ...
Al Fin Sucede - Gustavo Cerati
video update - by Annabelle
Estoy un poco harto de entrar en tus juegos de mente otra nube gris se aproxima y yo sé, que tanto le temes que al fin sucede Te es más fácil no creer en ...
Child In Time - Gregorian
video update - by Luke
Sweet child in time you'll see the line The line that's drawn between -- good and bad See the blind man shooting at the world Bullets flying, taking toll ...
Paper Thin - Sophie Barker
video update - by Holly
Broken down This time around Words are so paper thin Every word You speak you mean But what about everything in between I'm out of love Taking it slowly ...
Dice Rolling - Eldritch
video update - by Zara
How Can You Buy All The Shit That He Is Selling You Now? How Can You Take All The Words When None Of Them Are True? And When You Cry No One Will Give ...
In Love With You - Regine Velasquez
video update - by Evie
Just a gentle whisper, told me that you'd gone Leaving only memorie, where did we go wrong? I couldn't find the words then, so let me say them now I'm still in love ...
Drunk - Kevin Cossom
video update - by Poppy
Danger, Danger Eh, Ahh (x8) Baby I, like to close my eyes sometimes and fantasize, about all of the freaky things i wanna do, know what you're up to ...
When I Get To Heaven - Dead Milkmen
video update - by Millie
If I go to Heaven it'll probably be a slum And all the pretty angels just might be packing guns And if I see St. Peter will he hit me up for cash Will I find the ...