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Riley Green lyrics
Artist: Riley Green
Album: Bettin' Man - Single
Date: 2019-03-08
Genre: Country
Post Malone lyrics
Artist: Post Malone
Album: Wow (Afrobeats Remix) - Single
Date: 2019-04-01
Genre: Africa
Scotty Mccreery lyrics
Artist: Scotty Mccreery
Album: Seasons Change
Date: 2018-03-16
Genre: Country
Blake Shelton lyrics
Artist: Blake Shelton
Album: God's Country - Single
Date: 2019-03-29
Genre: Country
Billie Eilish lyrics
Artist: Billie Eilish
Date: 2019-03-29
Genre: Alternative
Imagine Dragons lyrics
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: Origins (Deluxe)
Date: 2018-11-09
Genre: Alternative
Ariana Grande lyrics
Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: thank u, next
Date: 2019-02-08
Genre: Pop
Kelsea Ballerini lyrics
Artist: Kelsea Ballerini
Album: Unapologetically (Deluxe Edition)
Date: 2018-10-26
Genre: Country
Latest Updates on eLyrics
Swallowed By A Buried One - Old Man's Child
video update - by Alfie
Invisible freeze in the blood-wet grass Combatants lying by their weapons Feeling the warm blood When the air turns cold and no one remains Freezing the warm blood ...
Our Very Own Employment Office - Piebald
video update - by Lexi
if it can pull the trigger then we'll destroy the liquor and here's the plan we may not win a battle but maybe teach a lesson well find out the names and interest ...
This Is The Girl - Craig David
video update - by Riley
(feat. Kano) [Intro] Oh, ohh Oh, ohh Oh, ohh Ohhhh oh Oh, ohh Oh, ohh Oh, ohh This is the girl that I want [Verse 1 (Kano)] Uncomfortable, it's been ...
Footprints - Sandra
video update - by Harvey
Reaching higher ground Pass the moon, through the stars Pray for you to stay, For a chance for a new start We live an easy life Love of my beating heart ...
I Don't Need Love - Randy
video update - by Scarlett
["Modern man pathetic example of earth's organic heritage." - Greg Graffin. ] I was broke so I sold my time They got me working on the production line Five days ...
Don't See Us - Roots
video update - by Aiden
(feat. Dice Raw) [Black Thought] Uh, what what, yo yo P-5-D uncut Check it out, yo yo, S-P uncut Yo yo, what P-5-D uncut, yeah yeah it's that Philly shit Yo yo ...
My Mother's Eyes - Bette Midler
video update - by Daisy
"I think I'll sing you a little ballad. It's a new one. I just learnt it. Oh, I hope you like it." Got my mother's eyes and my father's hair. Does anybody ...
Stimulate Me - Destiny's Child
video update - by Isabelle
(feat. Mocha) Na na na na Na na na na Na na na na Naa naa naa [Intro Rap - Mocha:] Yo, thats what luvas do ? color boo Everything wonderful Tee hee hee, ...
You Belong To Me (feat. Michael McDonald) - Chaka Khan
video update - by Layla
Why'd you tell me this? While you look for my reaction What do you need to know? Don't you know I'll always be the one? You don't have to prove to me you're beauti ...
Ancient - Sear Bliss
video update - by Hollie
The forest is dying In the heat of the sun The countryside is burning Dying birds on dying trees They sing their last song. The sky turns dark, the sun Falls apart. ...
It's Time To Ride - Silkk The Shocker
video update - by Harley
(feat. Master P) [Silkk the Shocker] Some shit jumpped off about 12 o'clock I was like Post on the block Open up shop Try to get away from the cops To get so ...
Flee The Jurisdiction - Righteous Pigs
video update - by Maddison
Cops are on my ass And I don't give a fuck Fuck stupid laws They reallys suck Fuck fucken cops They're just pigs Giving us shit Because we're kids So they think... G ...
I Don't Need It Anymore (interlude) - Christina Aguilera
video update - by Caleb
[Interlude] I don't need it anymore I don't need it anymore I don't need it anymore I don't need it anymore No Eyes wide open I'm alive again Senses sharpened Wash ...
Butterfly - Take That
video update - by Alfie
For once in my life I couldn’t deny I thought that I’d found my everything, A lover a friend, the hours we would spend just doing nothing at all, Yeah, b ...
Please Stay - Westlife
video update - by Gabriel
if i got on my knees and i pleaded you not to go but stay in my arms would you walk out the door like you did once before this time be different please stay dont ...
Can't Fight The Feelin' - Celine Dion
video update - by Summer
I get a little peculiar Feeling kinda strange I don't know what it is But I like the change That comes over me Whenever he's around It's as if my ...
If I Were A Lame - Wiz Khalifa
video update - by Matthew
If I were a lame Only just for a week I'd look myself in the mirror And shoot the first thing I seen No honestly I'd try to find someone else And I'd mak ...
Made In Two Minutes - Prodigy
video update - by Lewis
(original by bug kann & the plastic jam; remixed by liam) Hear the drum on the dancefloor is rammed Oh god! this is real! yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! Aa ...
Some People - Glee Cast
video update - by Tommy
Some people can get a thrill knitting sweaters and sitting still. That's okay for some people who don't know they're alive. Some people can thrive an ...
Wanna Get To Know You - Pixie Lott
video update - by Frankie
I wanna get, wanna get to get to know you Your love is something so special So extraordinary So far from ordinary Baby I, I, I, I wanna get to know yo ...
Vikingland - Satyricon
video update - by Connor
Langt inn i mellom hoye fjell og dype daler Gjennom norske skoger og morke huler Bak her en drom for over lysen aar siden Til hordaland kom pesta og bragte dod og pi ...
Bet You Can't Do It Like Me - Dlow
video update - by Charles
This your boy Dlow, Bop King And I'm about to get with something new for ya'll You know everybody dance and do their thing, but this that bet you can't do it lik ...
Unzeitgeist - Unholy
video update - by Victoria
A Thought Unchained, Unpredictably Drifting In Wider Spaces, Beyond The Limitations Of The Spirit Of Time... ...
Old Ghost New Regrets - Parkway Drive
video update - by Theodore
Forever fucked We wage a war suffering a deceit One hundred thousand years of dreaming, drowned in a flood of fear and greed Precious heritage laid waste ...
Christian Death - Old Man's Child
video update - by Maryam
Lonley as the autumn evening Flowing on its last days A wanderer of long-past wisdom Facing his last conflict Met the time of withering Destiny, towards a clearer s ...