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Russell Dickerson lyrics
Artist: Russell Dickerson
Album: Every Little Thing - Stripped
Date: 2019-05-03
Genre: Country
Young Thug lyrics
Artist: Young Thug
Album: So Much Fun
Date: 2019-08-16
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Post Malone lyrics
Artist: Post Malone
Album: Hollywood's Bleeding
Date: 2019-09-06
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Carrie Underwood lyrics
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: Cry Pretty
Date: 2018-09-14
Genre: Country
Taylor Swift lyrics
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Lover
Date: 2019-08-23
Genre: Pop
Normani lyrics
Artist: Normani
Album: Motivation - Single
Date: 2019-08-16
Genre: Pop
Dan + Shay lyrics
Artist: Dan + Shay
Album: Speechless (feat. Tori Kelly)
Date: 2019-06-07
Genre: Country
Halsey lyrics
Artist: Halsey
Album: Manic
Date: 2020-01-17
Genre: Alternative
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My 1st Single - Eminem
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[Intro] Oh! Yeah! So much for first single on this one [Verse 1] Shady's the label, Aftermath is the stable That the ho ...
Morse Moose And The Grey Goose - Wings
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[Verse] Right on down at the bottom of the sea Tell me are you receiving me? My name is Morse Moose and I'm calling you T ...
My Beautiful Woman - Backstreet Boys
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[Intro] How can I begin to Tell you what you do to Me every time I hear ya More willing to want to see ya [Verse 1] I ...
Uk 78 - Crisis
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Living in the U.K. is a lot of fun The cops don't even carry guns and if you're innocent, there's no need to run in the U.K. ...
The Marauders - Tears For Fears
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[Instrumental] ...
Letter To July - Josh Martinez
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Letter to july... Man made mostly to be unable to come close to each other Like brother loves brother, rubs me the wrong wa ...
South California (feat. Tunji) - Cunninlynguists
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[Intro: Sample] "How could she look at me and say, 'I'm going'? How could she break my heart without even knowing? She sai ...
Lonesome Whistle Blues - Chicken Shack
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I was ridin' number nine Headin' south from Caroline I heard that lonesome whistle blow Got in trouble had to roam Left m ...
No Longer I - Matt Redman
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
[Verse 1] At the cross At the cross Where I first saw the light And the burden of my soul rolled away It was there by fa ...
When My Heart Runs Dry - Matt Redman
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
When my heart runs dry And there's no song to sing No holy melody No words of love within I recall the height from which ...
Nasty Mind - D12
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[Intro] {​*girl giggling*}​ Stop! You want me to do what? What are those? You want me to stick those in your what? { ...
Woodpecker From Mars - Faith No More
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[Instrumental] ...
In La - Delinquent Habits
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
It's time to amount an enormous amount of muscle Move in like 5th battalion while woofers gonna bring trouble Que quieres a ...
Les Derniers Seront Les Premiers - Celine Dion
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
Quand marcher sans autre but Plus de passe demain fourbu Dans le néant do froid de la rue Quand les mots n'existent plus ...
Love Me Harder - Kidz Bop Kids
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Tell me something I need to know Then take my breath and never let it go If you just let me invade your space Tell me some ...
Season Suite: Spring - John Denver
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
Open up your eyes and see the brand new day Clear blue sky and brightly shining sun Open up your ears and hear the breeze e ...
Oh My Goodness - Twista
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
[Hook:] Oh my goodness, that ol' booty The way she shake it, do something to me Oh my goodness, that ol' booty The way sh ...
Harrow Of Skulls - Backworld
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
Washed in the tears Of the innocent one A season in hell A passionate flood And thought becomes a seed A promise - sacri ...
Summer Of Surf - Riff Raff
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
[Intro] Gone for the summer Gone for the summer yeah 80 day vacation I said a 80 day vacation 80 day vacation I said a 8 ...
I Want To Be Well - Andy Gullahorn
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
[Verse 1] She had done it before But this time the choice was hers She threw the bottles in the trash And rode the trash ...
Jole Blon - Waylon Jennings
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
[In Cajun-French (and English subtitles):] Jolie blon, regardez donc quoi t'as fait (Pretty blonde, look at what you've d ...
Look What You Made Me Do - Mose Allison
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
Oh! Look what you made me do 'S Alright, 'S alright Look what you made me do 'S Alright, 'S alright Look what you made m ...
Come Into This Room - Darrell Scott
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
[Verse 1] Come into this room and I'll make us some memories Time will be listening As a shadow on the floor And the sha ...
One Night - Gary Stewart
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP3
One night with you Is what Im now praying for The things that we two could plan Would make my dreams come true Just cal ...
Wind In My Hair - Mandy Moore
lyrics addition - by Mandy
Seems like I've spent my whole life hoping Dreaming of things I've never tried Tangled in knots just waiting for my time to shine What if the doors began to ...