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That was the alarm ringin'
What the f*ck just happened,
The gates open I was hopin' we get to movin'
Before they start cappin' wave goodbye to this place Skrapz,
No more outs and in's and be the f*ck quiet,
And move swiftly(shhhhh)like the wind...
I'm with that, don't look back,
They on our trail I can feel'em don't let'em close,
Or I'll kill'em...
Naw, naw, chill let me kill'em,
Cause blood stains leave trails I'd rather take hostages,
Out in tote bags
And burn'em up like a backdraft?
Naw,naw,naw that'll be bad...
But we bad come on we ain't got time to waste,
Give up the chase hell naw that ain't the case,
Little change of pace at my disgrace,
I'm replacin' and changin' the plans is you down? Yeah
Then hit the grouns let's duck,
Don't make no sound
Yo I told you,
I'm movin' swift like the wind,
And at a time like this I ain't worried,
About commitin ' a f*ckin' sin a yo yo,
Duck back that's one of the policemans right now,
So here we go you're about to see if the S-O-L is down...
That shit was smooth yo I'm thinkin that we home free,
Uh oh but not just yet yo helicopters out to scope me,
So check it hop up this fence and watch the fall on the other side,
You f*ck up and your on your own
Let's break on the count of 5-4-3-2-1,
I'm already over the gate make no mistake when it's time to break,
I'm a lead the chase, I'm a hurry up man pickin' up the pace...
Man that's what I been talkin',
Since you woke me up in the first place,
I hope them hoe-ass guards left this cameras zoomin' on my face...
A yo watch out give me room,
I'm a crack the window on this bitch,
Right there push that switch
Which one, this one? Yeah that's it,
Mental list of all the f*cks we gotta hurt when we get out,
And I swear on Skrapz and the House they gonna fall and that's no doubt
A yo, yo, yo watch out bust a right,
They'll raise the spikes and then what?
We'll hitchhike don't act like I ain't got control,
Jumpin' parkin' blocks ain't no thang,
Rollin' 2 deep in a cop car man it's all terrain,
Are you insane? You gone mad,
A yo, yo, yo, slow up that one cop right there's gotta shotgun,
Click-click about to toast us,
Like cameras we's close up, cut'em at the lense like sosa,
Send'em home runnin' screamin' bloody murder,
While his body parts all swells up,
Hold up I gotta whole trunk full of them,
Explosives my fuse is hostess like twinkies,
Swarmin'em like locust what, drop my weapon,
Bitch you think you funny sorry dawg,
I gotta hostage I been playin' you for a dummy!!!

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