Weakness Lyrics

Who gives a f*ck if you know my name
Or what I'm all about I'm hittin that ass
And then I'm out bitch
No strings attached cause I don't need you
Or nothen at all and incase you call
And you can be f*ck doll
Its all a game as I mislead you to let me hit it
And when I get thats it bitch
Dont smell like fish bitch
So many bitches
So little time for me to hold
Suckin my scrotum
Dropin my load and I know em
To my grave I take nothen I can truly use
I light your fuse bright enough to
Light up my groove
Tonight I assume
No good no sound makein
Laying there dead, f*ck bitch
Then you know that I'm takin'
I'll simply tuck my dick between your tits
and pump in a like in a sex race
The first place prize to cum all over
Your pretty face
A big disgrace
My expectations
Got me X-rated
And I love the way you masturbated

Hey yo whats up I' am the R.O.C
Glad to meet you
I wanna treat you like my personal
Slut, can't wait to freak you
Come on I know some motels
Where we can chill
Lay back relax
And just let this dick drill
My horomones have got me on Bone
I say you eat my shit
Give me handy (backwards message)
Or you dont do or screw that or screw me
I brought my condom's
Straight from the future
Now its history
I know we just met
So you should look dangerous
I wanna bust up in this condom
On your maximus
You can't trust
Thats what you sayin
I won't mislead you
I know your hungry so im tryin feed you
And me to
Hey diddle diddle
And p*ssy hole's in the middle
And R.O.C.'s got the black bid on
So check it between the sheets
Got me loosin on sleep
You know that p*ssy is my weakness
So you tryin to hold out on me
But thats ok so i move to then next I f*ck the Black hoe's the White hoe's
Or any race for sex
Cause I'm a dog and I got needs
I'm on my knees
Tryin to unlock your knees
Oh baby please
And If your answer is no
I aint gone to rape you so
Get the f*ck on steppin
If I can hit ya
???? split ya
And I'm out
Which one of yall got next
You know the R.O.C. is out
The scene to f*ck my weakness

(Mr. Bones)
Count down
1 to the 2,3 and to the 4
I love f*ckin p*ssy until its sore
5, 6 grab my dick give it a stroke
You little trick suck it with the big lips
Get the side all wet
Let's pick shit up
Freaky me freaky you
And we about to f*ck
No Sock for a pickle for a cock or a slut
I get down like a drummer
I pipe like a plumber
I love f*ckin bitches with digits in the sumer time
I ryhme like the brother with a funky beat
Mr. Bones gettin more ass then a toliet seat
Sweet freak can I get a sneak peek
At your technique between the sheets
You make my knees weak
Big brother like Barry White
Tonights the night
I stick my cock in your p*ssy
Show you right
Hell yea I slip it in and out
I continue the repetions
As she screams and shouts
I got her moanin and groanin
From this here style
Of my buck wild
I got bitches wet from here
To Belle Isle
Sookie Sookie
I hit the nookie
I put this here dick between
A pink cookie
Cause I'm a mother f*cker
I wanna f*ck your mother
I wanna put my plug in your socket
And electrify like Rolling Thunder
I wanna I wanna
Hopin we be dug out
So bug out
And never waste no time if you aint got cloud
I wanna stomp and stuff
With your afro cunt
Hit the p*ssy from the back
Puffin on a fat blunt
Silly Stunt I want you to peep this
Your p*ssy is my weakness

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