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Portrait Of A Killer
The 1st suspect
The mind of Jeffrey Dalmer
entered the scene and caused drama
Born in Milwaukee in 1960
As a child, studied much chemistry
later on joined the army in '79
there at the base was 3 unsolved crimes
Known to all as mass mutilation murders
but to blame one of the soilders was unheard of
Left the base in 1981
Headed home to Milwaukee for a little fun
5 years past, things are going pretty good
Killed about seven kids in his neighborhood
Not suspected of any type of crime
Who woulda thought young Jeffrey was out of his mind?
Four more men and boys were killed before
One of the victims escaped out the back door
Told the cops all the things that he'd seen
That night, mister Dalmer was in custody
Facing charges of murder, simple and plain
Told his lawer that he was gonna pleed insane
He knew everybody was out to get him
So he said "f*ck it" and confessed to all counts of cannibalism
He was convicted and recieved the life sentence
A real motherf*ckin menace
Portrait Of A Killer
Portrait Of A Killer
The 2nd Suspect Born in '34
He was the unwanted child of a f*ckin whore
Lived in Kuntucky, the place he was born and raised
On the streets, Charles Manson was his name
Went to jail, released in '67
Moved to San Francisco and found his Heaven
He was the leader of the cult group known as the family
Charlie was always in the circles
Surrounded by the thoughts in his f*ckin head
Cause the family would do anything that he said
So he let them all in on the master plan
To kill off and make waste of the white man
So the black folks could have control and well,
f*cked it up beneath little Charlie's hell
Helter Skelter, got folded day by day
So they said f*ck it and went and killed Sharon Tate
The next day they were arrested for the crime
Charles Manson ended up doing life of time
That's rite, he recieved the life sentece
A real motherf*ckin menace
Portrait Of A Killer
Portrait of a killer
The 3rd suspect is Mr. Bones
Locked down in the sick world of my own
Here's a clue when the demon came alive
It was in Detroit, 1975
Took my first life back to the age of 16
The quiet (?) is kept, you know what the f*ck I mean
Back and forth to every shrink in town
Analizing my f*cking needle sound
One more year past now Im no good again
Dropped some acid and try to kill my girlfriend
Broke her arm and almost killed the hoe
Don't ask why cause I really dont f*ckin know
But now im 18 and kicking my wicked rhymes
With drug abuse and fatal thoughts of suicide
Preminitions of death lie in a bloody path
Up some sort of 3rd world aftermath
But they try to say that I'm insane
And pass the blame on my distorted brain
They get scared when I try to kick the truth
Cause they know that Im the demonic youth
But Im nothing but the crazed one Mr. Bones
Portrait Of A Killer

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