Properly Reppin Lyrics

[Chorus: x4]
If I said it, I meant it, and if I claim it I did it
And if you want it, you'll get it because I'm properly reppin', Ghostown!

[J Formz:]
I said I came in this game with an aim to be famous
I ain't there yet but I damn sure ain't nameless
Struggle, hustle, grind, it's a loop
Keep the game on my mind, use the rhymes to verbally cock back and shoot
Wanna f**k around and get hit with a stray?
You'll be my bitch for a day and when I spit it you'll say
"Are you from Wu Tang?"
Nah, why? And his reply was "Cause you god (U-God) in this game"
What else can I say? I can't help that I've slayed
Every rapper that stepped up and fell in the grave
So learn your place and don't ever step out of line
You can run and hide but eventually you gon' run out of time
I'm sick of these cats askin' for 2 for 1
The only 2 for 1 you gettin' is 2 bullets from a shotgun
Into your 1 body
And have the by standers like "Damn, that was really a killer shottie"


[J Formz:]
Now I don't know if these mother f**kas feel me or not
But for all these cats that rap now, I'm stealin' all props
Cause I'm real and you not, I know how it feel to be hot
Makin' deals for the crop and pop the steal on the block
Now you feelin' a shot and I don't wanna deal with the cops
So I peel off the block and ask you "How it feel to get popped?"
Now 2 minutes ago you was runnin' your mouth
But when I pulled out, you tried to run in your house
You don't belong
Why gamble with your life? If you're thinkin' I won't strike, I'll tell you
right now, you're wrong
Stupid me, I'm tryin' to help these kids out too
How am I gonna warn you cats what you shouldn't do?
But cats wanna act hard so send 'em in
Soon enough I'll have his boys sayin' "Remember him?"
Actin' invincible like I can't reach 'em
Sometimes they gotta learn the hard way and I'm glad to teach 'em


[J Formz:]
Always spittin', always rippin', with this shit on the lock
Weather the written is hot or I spit off the top
Just listen, I'm not one of those kids on the block
Who just wishes he's not the next kid to get dropped
I'm the one with the cash and the drugs in the stash
I'm the reason that that kid's gotta watch his ass
They the ones doin' the forntin', I'm the one doin' the huntin'
Actin' like you doin' sometin' when you just doin' nothin'
I ain't just sittin' here puffin on a spliff like it's nothin'
I'm thinkin' of somethin', metaphors and some punches
G-Town still here through all the hatin' and fightin'
But I figure a lot of cats gotta hate that I'm writin'
But I don't give a f**k cause the more they hatin' I like it
Cause next time I write a verse I just say it to spit 'em
So you pussies better think twice before you attack
Weather it be in the streets or on a verse in a rap


J Formz: Yeah. Dolla Bill, it's a wrap...Out

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Record Label(s): 2005 GHOSTOWN

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