Throw Ya G'z Up Lyrics

pWunda:[ Quest beats
pJ Formz:[ Yeah, it's Ghostown & 5 star, you know, it's Formz in the building
right here

[J Formz:]
Beefin with Formz? I bet you gon' run
Cause beef with you is like blue balls, you ain't never gon' cum
Cause I'll give it to whoever, wherever, whenever
You think you gon' beat me and I'm just like, "Whatever"
That ain't never, ever, ever, ever gon' happen
Cause there's 2 things I'm good at: fightin' and rappin'
And honestly, I didn't pay dough to throw hands
But if you keep it up, you gon' ruin the whole plan
And I don't give a f**k, we could scrap right here
Pull out the gat right here, you'll get clapped right here
And I don't really care how much you drank or who you know
Grillin', I'm ready and willin' like "Where the f**k did he go?"
You're not pullin' that off and thinkin' it's peace
Cause you think this is a club, but I'mma treat it like the streets
So if it's gettin' late and cats startin' to act
I'll blow your head off your shoulders, how's that for a night cap? Blow!

[Chorus x2: Wunda]
You don't want it with them cause they seem nuts
Respect wherever we go when you see us
I see the hate in your eyes, you wanna be us
Throw ya G'z up up, throw ya G'z up!

Haters might not admit it, but I'm so sick with it
Mami wanna ride, then we ride, know Cig hit it
Mami wanna slide, then we slide, so quit spittin'
Got the 'dro in the ride and you know Cig lit it
Riskin' flossin' ya shizz out on the street
When these biscuits crossin' your ribs out on the beef
You can see me tossin' your wizz out on the street
Once she's done flossin' the kids out of her teeth
They hate the kid, and they keep mean muggin'
But I'll carve they grill like a Halloween pumpkin
Pumpin' n dumpin', and face reality
And put your mic in the closet with your sexuality
Your life I dust and I spot hate in you
Your wife I thrust and I plot straight at you
I'm trife, I bust and shot 8 in you
My knife's like trust and I got fate in you so!


Man I'm too much to handle, like a slippery fish
Only thing worse then a snake is a slippery bitch
But I slip in the clip, and I'm spittin' the most rounds
Only thing I'm leavin' after me is a Ghostown
Why would you even pursue when I could make moves
Without leavin' a clue, that's how I shake dudes
You could take tools
Take them jewels off bitch, that's how I make food, feel me?
My niggaz throw it up, I'm never slowin' up
I'm 'bout bread, and your paper needs growin' up
Thugs showin' up, mean muggin' us
They bob they head cause they know that they lovin' us
Aint no hate in this world that could break me
I look at the courage and I take off the safety
They talk out they ass cause they don't wanna face me
It'll be a hundred years before a nigga replace me


[Wunda:] Quest beats, Quest beats, Quest beats

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