Who Shot Ya Freestyle Lyrics

[Misk:] I know I gotta slow it down, but it's hard
to stay away from blunts
when I'm goin' for a city job, when I'm goin for a city job, when I'm goin
for a city job, when I'm goin for a city job
[Cig:] This shit is funny to me man. I'm like "They wanna battle against me!?"
Do you know who you f**kin' with like? You know who you f**kin' with meng?
I'm wastin' my time with these jobbers man, send a real challenge my way. But
now I'm gonna have fun with it, cause this is what I do

Laughter's the best medacine? Assure the stage
That 1 look at R'ems face and I got the cure for AIDS
Sure you're dazed, when I let the hammer tool spray
I'm a tough act to follow, you're a grammar school play
Sure he's gay, now a days even flames rhyme
Change your name to pom poms cause you're shook at game time
Save your lame rhymes or the 4 gives blemishes
Load in the cartridge, no, we ain't playin' Genesis
A nemesis is envious, made me venomous
Remember and learn to keep my name out your sentences
And realize that I've paid my dues
So above, you need a ski lift to lace my shoes
Blaze these fools, who wanna test me man?
I'll choke you till you turn bluer then a Pepsi can, dam
I'm somethin' like a quotable king
How you wanna battle? You ain't said a notable thing
Bring tricks up my sleeve that'll shotty chauffeur's
Only thing up your sleeve is your body odor
Hope you're comin' wit the toasters cause I'm comin' with the roasters
Dead End Street? You're right, cause you're literally over

[Cig:] haha, shit is too much fun man! We just havin' some fun..
[Misk:] You wack, we got the pharmaceuticals and we got the buddah too
[Cig:] Didn't you just f**kin' say 5 minutes ago that you were becoming a cop?
[J Formz:] Yes he did
[Cig:] Stop lyin'!
[J Formz:] He's a pussy
[Cig:] You ain't foolin' nobody man, I know you!
[J Formz:] Even your boys know son, they know. f**kin' Piggy
[Misk]: What happened to the dump? I saw you in the club and you're nothin'
but a chump, we're nothin' but real kids
[Cig:] What the f**k man? We tried to get shit poppin' in the club man
[J Formz:] Is this kid for real son? Is this kid serious?
[Cig:] I'm 50 deep man. I go "Yo, you Misk?" And this kid f**kin' walks by
after I call him a pussy
[J Formz:] That's cause he's a pussy son..
[Cig:] That's what he is man he's a pussy, he doesn't wanna do anything, he
just wants to throw sublimes
[J Formz:] He's insecure
[Misk:] I know I'm insecure but, I know I'm insecure but, I know I'm insecure
[J Formz:] See, I told you
[Cig:] That pretty much says it all, that's why man
[J Formz:] Yes sir
[Cig:] He's insecure. You got a Staten Island complex man: He creates his own
problems cause he lives in a nice neighborhood and has nuthin' to rap about
Plus he's bein a cop, so you do the math
[J Formz:] Yo Cig f**k this kid
[Cig: You could graffiti all you want man, I don't f**k with no spray cans
[J Formz:] f**k it! f**k this kid son, lets be out of here I've wasted enough
time on this son
[Cig:] I know I said that was my last time abusing these homo's, but it's too
much fun. I mean, they say a picture's worth a thousand words, but I stopped
at 4 cause I ran out of ways to say you're ugly. Like what the f**k man!? And
they ask me: "Aren't these the same kids who were skateboardin' around with
their long hair in high school with Green Day patches on their schoolbags?"
and I'm like "Yeah" And they ask me: "Weren't they supposed to go to your show
2 weeks before they dropped a diss record?" and I'm like "Yeah" And they ask
me: "Isn't it a little weird that the same week you started beef you get
arrested, when Misk is becomin' a cop and all? and I'm like "Uh huh" And the ask
me: "Didn't Misk battle Formz 2 years ago and get abused at a house party and
then deny the whole thing happened?" and I'm like "Of course he did" And
then I tell 'em "Yeah, you know, we 3,000 deep through Disk Makers, been
performin', makin' money, rippin' shows, and you ain't even done shit yet, you aint
even drop a CD, and nobody knows you except for your 5 million MySpace
friends". So wake up MySpace superstar, No1 gives a f**k about you! Wrote this in 5
minutes on the way to the studio...

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