Locked Down Lyrics

[DJ On Point:] This shit right here is called Locked Down.
[J Formz:] Formz, Ghostown! What you talkin' bout son? Let me tell these mother f**kers son, let me tell 'em somethin'. What you talkin' bout?
[DJ On Point:] Shout out to Mariners Harbor, whole Port Richmond, New Drop Beach
[J Formz:] I got this, lets go.

[J Formz:]
Let me see what you talkin' bout son...
A bunch of shit, cause your ass is what you're talkin' out son
You talkin' gangster shit? I'm sure to be a part of it
You havin' a chat about that? I probably started it
You could talk about guns, but I'm pullin' 'em dog
Talk about punch lines? I got a book of 'em dog
And you can't talk about the streets, cause I live in 'em dog
I love the streets, what the f**k you think I live in 'em for?
Talk about givin'? Dog, I couldn't give any more
Why talk about life when I don't wanna live anymore
Talk about smokin'? Dog, I couldn't smoke any more
I smoked so much, I couldn't even smoke anymore
Guns I couldn't tote anymore, but got so many more
That must be why they actin' so friendly for
Talk about dough on the block, and I'mma go get me more
And if you talkin' 'bout robbin', I'mma go get me yours, so!

[Chorus: x2]
You probably thinkin' you gangster now
I'mma show you how a gangster get down
You don't even know what you're talkin' about
Anything you talkin' bout son, you get clowned

[J Formz:]
Wanna talk about fights? I been in plenty of 'em dog
Didn't knock 'em all out, but won plenty of em dog
Talk about hustlin'? I'm on call 24/7
If you talkin' 'bout religion, I might send you to heaven
Talk about clique's? Well Ghostown's what I'm reppin'
Hear the sound of a clip, you hit the ground in a second
Talkin' 'bout beef? It could go down in a second
So I Don't know why you wasn't really down if you said it
Matter of fact, here, I'll let you pick the topic son
Lyrics is hard, you can't f**kin' stop me son
Talk about hoods? Yeah, I've been to every one of 'em
You the type to have beef and probably point an empty gun at 'em

You Probably thinkin' you gangster now
But I'mma show you how a gangster get down
You don't even know what you're talkin' about
Anything you talkin' bout son, I got it locked down


[50 Cent:] And you know why his name is On Point...cause he on point pussy!
[J Formz:] Tell 'em...Ghostown! motherf**ker...

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