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The Following Is A True Story...A Story About Love And Heartbreak. You
Put Your Neck Out For Somebody And No Matter What It Seems Like In This Life
You Get f**ked In The End. And No Matter How Hard You Try, No Matter How Hard
You Push Yourself, It's Never Good Enough. And After All The Sacrifices Gone
Within The Blink Of An Eye Man, I Thought It Was Something Special, Now You
Made The Worst Mistake Of Your Life, Bitch

It May Come As A Surprise Cause People Don't Realize
What Actually Takes Place In Peoples Lives
My Father Collapsed Right In Front Of My Eyes
Held Him In My Arms, Prayin' To God He Hears My Cries
He's In The Hospital Now While She's Tellin' Me Lies
Like "I Need A Break Chris" And I'm Askin' Her "Why?"
You Think You Know A Person Till You Realize Their Disguise
I'm Told My Daddy's Comin' Home, This Was Our Goodbyes
Who Knew This Bitch Would Leave Me When I Needed Her Most
And Who Knew When It Was Rough This Bitch Would Turn Into A Ghost
See, Scars Run Deep, And No, They Won't Mend
And No Matter How Hard I Try I Get f**ked Over Again
You Need Time To Yourself? Well Here's Some To Spend
But I Found Out You're In A Club While I'm Cryin' Here Again
No Dad, No Guidance, So Tell Me This Is How It Ends
And This f**kin' Bitch Told Me We'll Still Be Friends!? Yeah Right!

Words Don't Explain What It Means To Hold You In My Arms Again
Words, Words Cannot Say I Love To Be With You In Every Way

The Words, And I Quote, "Ill Always Be There For You"
Let's Be True, The Only Person You're There For Is You
And No One Should Have To Go Through What I Went Through
You're Selfish, You Even Believe Your Own Lies Is True
And Who Was There When Your Parents Kicked You Out? Me
And Who Was There When You Cursed Your Best Friends Out? Me
And Who Was There To Buy You Presents Just To Make You Happy? Me
And After All Of This, This Is How You f**kin' Thank Me?
Your Sorry's Belated, I Hope You f**kin' Die!
So You Could Feel The Pain That I Carry On Inside
I Wouldn't Talk To No One And All I Did Was Cry
Blamin' Myself, Askin God "Why, f**kin' Why!?"
Why I Get Out Of Bed? Why Do I Even Try?
Nobody Understands Me, This Life's One f**kin' Lie
Lie In Your Own Blood, You Drove Me To This
Say Goodbye To The World, I'll See You In Hell Bitch!


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