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Texas Boy
Dougie D
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Texas Boy Lyrics

Boys got us f*cked up out here mayn
It's your nigga Dougie D, representing for Texas
They out there thinking we country
Riding horses, and chewing tobacco
But they got us f*cked up, you know I'm saying feel me

Bitch we real down here, bitch we trill down here
It ain't what you thought it was, bitch it go down round here
If you curious come and see, if you plex then you'll get heat
H-O-U-S-T-O-N Texas, look bitch it's where we be

[Dougie D]
First of all, I'ma put it down on the line like this
I'm a Texas boy bitch, a Guerilla Maab veteran
While y'all thinking that we country, y'all choking on bullshit
We them out-of-towners, that'll come through and snatch up your bitch
Riding chrome screens lit, I'm from Texas as she can tell
Everytime she hear I'm in town, she's sneaking to my Hotel
And now you mad at me, clutching your pistol and acting like you wanna bag a G
But bitch this 44 Magnum weary anthem, is tragedy
Thank you partna, your bed is two triggas you a rider
And I don't need no help from you pussies, cause I got em
It's Dougie D baby, I's a playa I suppose
That playas get chose, cutting corners on vogues
I do it like it go, rain hail sleet or snow
But Dougie ain't stopping for shit, I'm staying in mash mode
I'ma tell you one more time, and let me make myself clear
I'm a Texas boy bitch, and look we're real down here

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
Just when you thought it was over, Dougie come right back
I'ma show you how atrocious, them niggaz in Texas act
Ok you laughing and thinking we attacked her, but what was really happening
Your gal crossed them G's, they grabbing it so I gotta go and stab it
This the real deal just like the Hollyfiled, I eat panthers
You hoes in your grill, ain't got no time to play with you bitches
Cause I showcase skills, and we're real down here and we trill down here
f*ck around come down here the wrong way, get found dead round here
Oh yeah we rugged and dirty, everybody wanna be f*cking around
With a G like me that's straight up murder, I'ma use the tech's
The gun inserted from the side of my hip, and my aim is perfect
Somebody better run, and go and tell these hoes
Bitch best respect my gangsta, it's the Dougie D straight from the Maab
Roll and unlock it, I'ma floss some gangsta shit and you can't stop it
Niggaz folding trying to copy, but they all embarrassed they sloppy
Somebody give me the rope, lasso these bitches round the neck
And then I'm gon drag these hoes, I'm a motherf*cking G
That's repping for Texas, I done told u hoes

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
Houston Texas right here, Southside right here
We're them G's right here, bitch don't act like you ain't hear
We some motherf*cking guerillas, you're curious come and see
If you plexing you get heat, leave you for dead in these streets
Bitch respect a nigga from Texas, get out the way move
You ain't heard of them niggaz from Texas, damn fools
Do what I want when I want, how I want to
It's the Dougie-Doug my Dizzle, my style is like oooh
I'm a Texas rider, 4's swanging glider
Candy dripping on the boulevard, leaning cocked up
Screens fall from the visor, and who the Coupe want a dropper
Blowing on some tumble weed, yippie-kayo-yes sir
Roll em in and roll em out, we the realest no doubt
Hating hoes, keep my motherf*cking name up out your mouth
Bitch we trill so face the fact, this how these boys and girls act
In the Dirty Dirty Texas, Southside to be exact

[Hook x2]

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Record Label(s): 2002 Game Tyme Entertainment
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