My Way Lyrics

[Hook: Russell Lee]
See me I'm from around the way, but everyday is gun play
But if I had it my way, we would see mo' brighter days
I'm just another nigga from the hood, trying to live my life just like I should
I'm out here trying to stay alive, in this life of crime

[Dougie D:]
Heavenly Father help us, and help us all
Fight with my back against the wall, is like giving my all
Dougie from round the way, in the mist of all of this drama
Do my best to be a good father, and a son to my mama
All these f*cking problems, partnas killing partnas for dollas
If I handle it my way, it be brighter days for tomorrow
But I'm just another, nigga product made from the ghetto
Trying to survive in the ghetto, gaining stripes and my medals
Always on my mission, niggaz pay attention and listen
In this life of high crime we living, our future is prison
Tell me can you see it, are you that ignorant and blind
Must you sleep in the coffin, before you decide to mind
Can anybody hear me, open up your soul and just feel me
This is my reason for giving it to you, like I give it
Heaven just hold me, continue to mourn me till my time
And guide me with your precious hand, as I struggle and strive


[Dougie D:]
Jesus oh my God can you hear me crying, everyday we live we closer to dying
Feeling the power of the fire, that's burning inside
I'm on my grind, in a savage land where savage survive
Only two options for your ass, is you live or you die
Niggaz die, on a daily basis constantly frying
Victims of pistol play, and mishabit happy I'm not
Punching the clock, as the world just spin a tying a knot
People lose focus, and they end up in burial plots
From K's and glocks, only utilizing tools for the devil
Straight and it's busy yeah, this working we killing eachother
Help my brothers, do my best to try to be humble
But I'm protecting myself, if they approach me with drama
Not your average man, live my life on faith in this land
Keep my eyes open for snakes, and f*ck what a nigga saying
I am a grown man, keep your f*cking games I ain't playing
This is my reason, for telling you everything I'm saying


[Dougie D:]
Do guerilla niggaz ever see heaven, when I die I hope you accept me
I been dealing with so much stress, when this earth is unhealthy
Trying to get wealthy, in a world where helpful is helpless
Niggaz won't hesitate, to bless your head with Smith-N-Wessins
Gotta get money, is the only motto I know
Live the code of a G, in the streets with heathens and hunters
Grinding and pumping, on my focus keeping it coming
Mashing the gas on these bitches, I ain't doing this for nothing
I'm everlasting, setting fire to all the gases
Setting slash in my stashes, all neatly buried or baggaged
Crime ain't a option, most of us usually born into it
Not saying it's righteous but shit, it's justified when we do it
All of my niggaz, lend me your ear heart and your hand
Spare me a piece of your mind, to feel what the f*ck I'm saying
Hoping you understand, feel my passion pain and my plan
This is my reason, for giving you everything I am


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Songwriter(s): Gilles Thibaut, Jacques Revaux, Claude Francois, Paul Anka
Record Label(s): 2004 Dougie D SoSouth
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