So Fly Lyrics

I'm so fly, fly (so fly)
Tipping on chrome, staying thoed
I'm just so fly, fly
I'm just a playa, that waaaay

[Dougie D]
I'm so fly yeah I know, cause Dougie D from the gutter I'm real
I'm a playa by nature, by the way that I act and I live
Niggaz they know, bitches they know
You catch me crawling down in some'ing candy, and blowing dro fa sho
Bitches be watching me, and niggaz be watching as well
For them niggaz that's plotting, keep a 4-5 with them extra shells
Perfecting my pimping, while I'm polishing my P's and Q's
In a throwback and Nikes, I don't need no suits and the gator shoes
Sipping on chrome, sipping on purple potion move in slow motion
With a bad lil' broad, headed to the crib and make her get wet like ocean
Look I'm so fly true and D, pop my collar while I roll my weed
I'm so fly that I piss on trees, and I'm so fly I ain't even got weed

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
No need for that hating, because your bitch digging my style
I'm a playa that way, she just can't help herself oh well
Now who that wanna go and do that, and true that I'm thoed in the mix
Pimping like Chris and niggaz get mad, because they hoes on my dick
She love the way that Dougie D walk, she love the way that Dougie D talk
She love the way that I pimp my style, and I ride on chrome glisten poke out
I'm so fly and this I know, y'all motherf*ckers ain't gotta tell me so
Because these hoes on my dick and the money that I get, 'less a playa know fa sho
So smooth when I thug my thang, flyer than a bitch but I ain't Birdman
Who that be D-O-U-G-I-E in a LTB, cutting corners on glass
Be bout my pimping partna, so thoed up in the game I got em
So fly that I'ma stay on top, I'm so real that they ain't never gon stop me

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
Look I'm fly like Jordan taking off from the free throw line, look I'm fly like a blimp in the sky
f*ck that I'm fly like four birds in a rocket, with at least six astronauts
Now I'm fly like the clouds I am, shit I'm fly like the atmosphere
Better yet you could say that I'm flyer than my middle fingers, waving in the air
Shit I'm fly like a brand new Kawasaki on the freeway, mashing 2-10
Shit I'm fly like a brand new Benz, that black on black 22's up on spin
Yeah I'm fly like spit in the wind, fly like a 7-57
Fly like a hot air balloon, fly like a pilot about ten
Flyer than a nigga with his brain on drugs, flyer than a man on the moon say what
Fly just like I'm Peter Pan in Neverland, on Aladdin's rug
All a nigga really trying to say is I'm thoed, I'm so fly nigga y'all ain't know
I's a playa I suppose, I guess that's the way the game gon go

[Hook x2]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dougie D SoSouth
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