Service Lyrics

[Dougie D]
Open reveal, and put it in
Don't be acting all scary, gotta make it your friend
What, you need to get acquainted before you begin
Shit you can talk to it, or rubbing it in
While your head go up and down, I'm massaging your neck
While your head go up and down, you massaging my dick
This is a feeling, ain't a nigga forget
Girl you sucking so good, your p*ssy oughtta be wet
You doing it like a big ooh, I knew you was a superfreak
Dougie get you hot and erotic, up in the sheets
Make it in your back, until you fall over and sleep
And wake up to another bottle of Cris, and coedine
Oh yeah, you digging the style of a playa
This here is big pimping baby, I am so fly they can't fade me
Getting served, on the freeway doing eighty
It's mandatory, when a chick is f*cking with me
Cause I be, one hundred percent G
And I love, when you put your mouth up on me
Cause and that tongue you feel the effect, and freak in ya bones
All you gotta do is pick up the phone, and you call
But before I f*ck it you gotta suck it, you know I'm tal'n bout
Cause that's the way, that it's going down

[Hook x2: Russell Lee]
Can a nigga get some service, that's what I want
So won't you do it for me, (yeah-yeah-yeah)
You ain't gotta act like you nervous, no need to be
Cause you a superfreak, (yeah-yeah-yeah)
Can a nigga, get some service

[Dougie D]
Do you mind if I, trouble you
Just for a precious moment, of your time or two
We could slide in the whip, riding rendezvous
Whatever you wanna do, girl it's all cool
I ain't even finna lie, I admire your lips
And not to mention, I'm feeling your frame and your hips
I'm wondering, if you could kiss it for daddy
And give me some service, that I'ma never forget
Feeling me yet yes, a G I be
It's not gonna make me think of you less, baby
All you doing, is relieving my stress baby
Who dick better to kiss, than mine baby
It melts in your mouth girl, not in your hand
How many licks will it take, for you to understand
One lick-two lick-three licks, flash
All in your face, girl there it is
Don't be tripping, acting like you don't get down with that
Cause I know that you's a freak, and Dougie gon bring it out
Ain't no need, for you to be nervous
Ma don't be scurred, just go on serve me
But you get, what you ask for sometime
Well in this case, I just guess I deserve it
So f*ck it, I'ma put my order in
And go ahead, and let the god damn service begin

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
The girl, is a superfreak
Especially, when she be on the Extasy
Can't get enough, of touching and hugging on me
Can't get enough, of sucking and f*cking the D
Girl look I love it, when you kiss right there
Girl look I love it, when you lick right there
Let me rub my fingers, all through your pretty hair
Suck it like a lolli-pop, on a stick at the fair
You will do it if you care, yeah you know that I want you too
Go on ahead and do, what the daddy say do
Just like a star, burst the juice is loose
Wherever you want to go, it's all on you
Girl, it's cool if you freak with me
But all a nigga really want, is H-E-A-D
Like Eddie, make you put your mouth on me
TLC, to my M-E-A-T
Blow into my microphone, in correspondence to the beat
Yeah I love it when you do it, when I think of it as skeet
Looking at the top of your head, as you bob and you weave
Shit I just can't get enough, of the freak that you be
That's the D definitely, fa sho baby
Can a nigga get some service, now lady
The lips like a glove and it fit, perfect on me
Now go on, and begin the service baby

[Hook x2]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dougie D SoSouth
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