Talk About Dougie Lyrics

[Hook x2]
It seems to be, a lot of talk about Dougie
You can take it or leave it, you can hate me or love me
Everybody got some'ing to say, and everybody's a critic
But the only thing that I know, is to get out and go get it yeah

[Dougie D]
Handle my sweet, and I breathe for the moment
Put my life up in perspective, then I think for the moment
I ain't never told nobody, that I was more then what I am
And I ain't never been with that capping, and bragging god damn
Do you understand that the life that I live, is the life that I lead
So I maneuver through the galaxy, smoking on weed
Moving at warp speed, and everybody's a critic
Nosy niggaz nosy bitches, with they nose all in my bidness
But I grind again, ain't stopping till I get me a million
If they kill me f**k it they kill me, if they feel me they feel me
Take it or leave it love it or shove it, bitch motherf**k it
All that booty chatter and bumping ain't effecting me nothing, I love it

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
The whole, wide world's in a frenzy
Everybody concerned, about the way that Dougie did it
Watching my moves watching my do's, thugs in my groove thangs that I do
Every location that I be at, they be casing that too
But I stick and I move so smooth, when I'm doing my do
Thug fizzle fa shizzle my nizzle, I grind on my groove
Got no time for these dudes, all I know is grind for my food
So I'm pushing pumping and mashing, paying my dues to get through
Dougie holding his ground on ten toes, yeah I'm holding it down
If I lose a foot in this game, f**k it I'm standing on fire
Have this fire that's fueling inside, just wanting me die
Niggaz try to water it out, but they get burned when they try but still

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
Seems like everyday that I'm living, I'm dealing with hoe ass niggaz
And bitches with malicious intentions, are trying to stick me
Ya need to put your trust in your woman, cause there ain't no more buddies
All of these bitches is phony, all of these niggaz funny
So I'ma send my hail mary's to heaven, full of grace
And stay up on top of my grind, and putting it in they face
Cause God got me, no weapon against me gonna stop me
Not even love, cause there is no more love for you liars
That go for niggaz and bitches, all together the same
I'm sick and tired of you f**kers, lighting up in my face
Batting me deeply, and trying to leave me out for the bleeding
But there ain't no bleeding the Dougie, I'm a different creature

[Hook x2]

Yeah, it seems to be that you bitch ass niggaz
Got a whole lot to say about Dougie, know I'm saying
Smiling in my face, talking down behind my back
But I'ma tell you bitch ass niggaz what, suck some'ing

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dougie D SoSouth

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