What It Is Lyrics

[Hook x2]
This what it is, this what it do
And if you f**king with a lil' pimping, lil' pimping you can get it too
I represent it, cause I'm out the Maab
24/7 on my job, hell yeah bitch I'm going hard

[Dougie D]
I don't need, no f**king introduction
This is the issue mo'f**ker, niggaz been out here waiting for Dougie
Up on my pimping, bitch up on my grind
Up on my hustle pushing and pumping, and grinding to get aired down
If you don't like it, then bitch move around
Cause you a lil' pimping, you can get it if you try f**king with mine
Obstacles in my way, I knock 'em down
Cause this lil' light of mine, is burning too bright to let 'em stop my shine
Guerilla Maab, bitch I hold it down
Carry my own weight nigga, I'ma be a G until I die
Jump in the skillet, then bitch you will fry
f**king with Dougie you will die, because it's Maab ties when we ride
This what it is mo'f**ker, yeah that's what it does
I represent it like you bitches, once you heard me huh
And you ain't gotta like me, but bitch you gonna respect me
Now how you figure mo'f**ker bitch, because I said it

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
Cut us some slack Dougie D, I ain't cutting 'em shit
Every last one of you bitch niggaz, all eat a dick
And I ain't f**king with you pussy, bubble gum ass niggaz
They bubble up and burstly depris, up on my sneakers
I'm a guerilla bitch, that be lurking the South-Dub
Afilliated with them gangstas, be these Crips and Bloods
Holla my niggaz, Snake and Spankey from that Rap-A-Lot
Pimping up in the club, and knocking pussy niggaz out
Yeah hoe, it's Dougie D I'm live and in the flesh
You breathing hard and swelling up, hoe get it off your chest
However you want it you get it, bitch that's what it do
Gripping a 45 or 22, up in my shoe
I'm every meaning of a G, look and I speak it live
And I ain't gon tell you no mo' times, keep my name out your mouth
I represent it mo'f**ker, cause I'm out the Maab
Already told you niggaz and bitches, I'm going hard

[Hook x2]

[Tony Montana]
My moola my feddy, my scrilla my nigga my cash
My team my family, my niggaz that's down for the cash
My dream is accomplished, in millions and make it fast
Cause I'ma hit the block for a minute, and make it last
And make a stash, and that's when times get hard
I don't barred, I get the block and turn my soft to hard
My life's scarred but not destroyed, cause I was raised by many
Pimp playas and hustlers, niggaz that gave me plenty
Game that recognize game, when I'm handling the rock
Or handling the clout, as long as I'm handling the cot
And bleeding the spot, we hard hitters that don't stop
We just gon rock, until platinum plus we out

[Hook x2]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dougie D SoSouth

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