P.I.M.P. Lyrics (feat. Tony Montana)

[Hook - 2x]
Come on mami take a ride with me, cause you know
Ain't nobody doing it live as me, and you know
Ain't nobody out there as fly as me
Cause I'm a P-I-M-P, baby

[Dougie D]
Everything is pimp-a-licious and mack-a-lacious, in my persona
Do what I wanna, constantly choking on marijuana
Pop collars and clock dollars, the Don Dada
And hoes holla, for Dougie Deezy and Montana
Take a ride with daddy, ain't nothing but pimping go on and grab it
See you staring at it, looking just like you gotta have it
Cause the issue for realer mama, is you me and cigarillas
Infested with killers smoking and choking, huffing and puffing I thought I'd get ya
Now can you feel me, baby
You digging this pimping, I'm giving lady
Ain't nothing but my pimp-stroserous lavish, that be having these hoes grabbing up at me
Be a good girl, and kiss it for daddy baby

[Hook - 2x]

[Tony Montana]
Boom shocka-locka-locka, I be the mic rocker
Crazy Cubano, A.K.A. the f*cking cock blocker
Show stopper panty dropper, pimp bopper
You pinche putos ain't got nada, on Mr. Tony Montana
I'm a helicopter, cause I'm so damn fly And these bitch keep on bopping, when I'm riding by
They all be knowing my name, but they call me Papi Chulo
And let the lachocha vamos mami, de lo la dulo
Telo judo, can't nobody f*ck you down like me
I break you off with so much game, I'll have to charge you a fee
Pimping the greed and solo venture, come and ride with me
I'ma spit it hit it quit it, then I smoke me some weed

[Hook - 2x]

[Verse 3]
You wanna follow the Caddy, it prolly make you wanna holla
Clocking them dollas, screens falling from the visor with Tont Montana
Keep a certain crook up on your mind, hear that 97.9
Spinning the records, a thousand times
In that H-Town it go down, the home of the Astro Dome and roads
The break of dawn, we ride out on that chrome
We sip out of styrofoams, and smoking the finest dro
We creeping and crawling slow, got Gucci from head to toe
I's a playa I suppose, that won't choose I get chose
My diamonds are all exposed, that's the way that thangs go
We're all paid professionals, sipping drank to clear my throat
Sit on 4's yeah they poke, never shall I be a hoe fa sho

[Hook - 2x]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Game Tyme Entertainment
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