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When You're Me Lyrics

[Intro: Black Buddha Bear]
When you're me, when you're me
When you're me, when you're me
When you're me

[Verse 1: Terminal Knowledge and Black Buddha Bear]
When you're me, you've been it for nearly a century
When you're me, you never need any accessories
When you're me, you can expect to be the last in line
When you're me, you ain't never gonna be satisfied
Not exactly the goat standard of rap
My flow sick, my flow cancer in fact
I won't stand for a wack bar
Cro mag with a slack jaw
When you're me, you never bend your knee
When you're me, there's no gas in the tank
When you're me, there's no cash in the bank
I'm finna travel the world, and sail Egypt, The Seven Seas
When you're me, you get between any and everything
(When you're me)
When you're me, you run a solid campaign
When you're me, you brung the chronic, back pain
Venom in my fangs, I won't ever win the game
Better pedal to the metal when you get up in my lane, skrt skrt
The birdie go chirp chirp, her
When you're me, your word isn't word, dirt word
Uh, work shirt smellin' kinda loud
Never mind the crowd, I'ma let it quieten down
Dead the vibe, I'm a certified vibe murderer
Puttin' another dime up in the Wurlitzer
Rick James jumpin' on your furniture
f*ck your couch, ain't nothin' to climb further for

[Verse 2: Acumental and Black Buddha Bear]
(When you're me), you get wiser with age
The pen tip descends and collides with the page
Headcase, put your mind in a cage
Tryin' to find zen when the rage and the violence invades
(When you're me), you take a train to the bus
Lemon haze in your lungs, fresh paint on your brush
f*ck a buzz, keep your name on the hush
Turn days into months, inundated as you fail to adjust
(When you're me), you stay out and drink too much
Always thinkin' 'bout your friends but don't keep in touch
Feet trudge through the sleet and sludge, you can feel the rush
Shift gears and release the clutch
Complete the puzzle piece by piece, supreme hustle
Fiend for deep cuts and a beat that bums
Inspire an empire like the Incas
Once you put your pen up on the sheet, don't let the ink get smudged
(When you're me), smoke herb 'til your throat hurts
(When you're me), quote words in a dope verse
(When you're me), you proceed to rap well
Real heads take notice, other people can't tell
(When you're me), stress levels too high
Work for everybody else, but I could never do mine
Wait, I mean yours, don't stray, stay the course
Gotta make a big bang for the radio source

[Interlude: Black Buddha Bear]
When you're me, when you're me

[Verse 3: Joey Cool]
When you're me, you look at life like
You're bringin' heavy artillery into this knife fight
It's hard to do when they call you larger than life, like
See, I'm a father but can't tell my daughter "night night"
'Cause I be on the road, it's another show if the price right
When you're me, you be chasin' after a bag
That's gonna counteract the fact that you actually had a nice life
Took it for granted and gradually you slip into destructive patterns
It's hard to imagine livin' this kind of life
There's bound to be an explosion with all this dynamite
And someone told me I'm "hopeless", I said, "you kinda right"
This picture too dark, focus, you need some kinda light
When you're me, you gon' notice people expect a lot
There's different seasons, ingredients in this meltin' pot
I got a reason for breathin'
Whatever help we got, we got from people that was believin' in every single thought
When you're me, you gon' have alliance with everybody
Be on the row with Ben Ac-Flex and Term Hardy
That model chick who's provoking you with that firm body
She probably know how you open, you gotta learn, buddy

I can discard my heart, I gotta swim with the sharks
I had to make an appoint', kinda been vulnerable in the art
Wanted me to know it, that's how I made a mark

[Outro: Black Buddha Bear]
When you're me, when you're me
When you're me, when you're me
When you're me

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