Bringing The 90's Back
Palmer Squares


Bringing The 90's Back Lyrics

I'm bringing the 90's back
I'm bringing the 90's back
I'm bringing the 90's back
I'm bringing the 90's back

I'm bringing the 90's back (Bring it back)
I'm bringing the 90's back (Ninety Ninety)
I'm bringing the 90's back (Ninety, Ninety)
Time machine rap, rewind the track

[Verse 1: Acumental]
Remember back in the days when gettin' high was still exciting?(Yeah)
Now it's just a habit I require when I'm writing (Awhhh)
Feeling wired, on my grind, tryna finalize and edit
'Cause the fire we're igniting is a wild one, spread it
Man, I don't even wanna think about my credit (Nah)
All I wanna do is smoke and eat pizza, how pathetic (Huh)
Speaking of, people love to treat me like a peasant
Keep it up, I heard resentment can defeat you if you let it
I'm clear-headed, taught to forgive and then forget it
Phonetically inconceivable, seemingly schizophrenic (Oh)
Never deceitful, we only feel it if it's poetic
I'm sipping a 7-Up with a cigarette, copacetic
It's open season, smoke sativa by the see-saw
See me and my team gone, speeding in a Nissan (Vrrroom)
Hopeless emcees get heated when I speak
Cerebrally unique so you gon' see me at the peak

Bring it back, Ninety, Ninety
Ninety, Ninety, Remember back in the days?
I remember, Ninety, Ninety
Nineteen Ninety, Bring it back
Time machine rap, rewind the track

[Verse 2: Term]
I remember rocking starter jackets of my favorite team
Cabbage Patch and asking ladies if it's Maybelline
Nothing came between a friendship like a girl did
f*ck head, that should make the world spin (Oh)
You either scarred from it or you starve for the past
Term starred in the play act, marched with the band
Man walked with the walkman and talked to the hand
Animated if suspended, vanguard if you ran, uh ('Till you're hype)
I remember practicing my penmanship, shit
I remember having to remember shit
Each day pass a little faster than the day before
Having wrestling matches on the basement floor, which
By the way was molten lava
Nerf gun toting, load the chopper, gotcha
So gimme the vinyl scratch
The Michael Jack with the rhinoplast
If I know Ac, he'll be

[Verse 3: Acumental]
Bringing the 90s back, I like my Nikes black
My jeans blue and my dime piece tapped, ayy
Speaking of my team, we're tightly wrapped
A lively pack of tyrants of your Liveleak app
Ac and Terminal burning all this hybrid hash
Watching The Lion King higher than Kyrie's stats
I got the glassy-eyed glance of a Siamese cat
A sensei teaching tai chi class, yeah, yeah
I'm bringing the 90's back, leading a nine piece band
It feels divine to be in high demand
We imbibe at dive bars, inclined to climb charts
Fine art, five stars like a Chinese flag
Flee the crime scene, driving in a high-speed dash
Hit the gas, non-compliant when the high beams flash, yeah
I'm bringing the 90's back, so why be sad?
Time machine rap, rewind the track

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Record Label(s): 2020 Spooky Language LLC
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