Say Lady Lyrics

[Intro: Mr. Capone-E]
Yeah, to all them ladies out there
Who need a thug in their life, that's right
(A thug in ya life, a thug in ya life)
Ha ha, Mr. Capone-E, the one and only (one and only)
West coast (West coast, Westside for life!)
With my homeboy Layzie Bone (takin over, what's happenin?)
Hey Layzie, let 'em know (uhh!)

[Chorus: unknown singer]
Say there lady, I think I wanna call you up
I think I wanna see what's up
Hey baby, I don't wanna say too much
I'm layin off in the cut, and a nigga wanna f*ck
I think I wanna call you up
I think I wanna see what's up
Say baby, I don't wanna say too much
I'm layin off in the cut, and a nigga wanna f*ck

[Layzie Bone:]
It ain't no one like this cutie pie; can we kick it, you and I?
I'm checkin out your body language, I think it's sayin you gon' ride
With me, like "Layzie, come and get me"
But I'm a sit back in the cut until she pin me!
Wait until the cup get empty, catch it while she feelin friendly
Walk up to her, say it simply, "Baby you comin with me, tonight"
Yeah, that's right tonight, we takin flight
Gon' do what we like, we like
Can a thug get a dance? Can I get up in them pants?
Ain't no need to be upset, c'mon girl, I'm just playin
But I'm sayin, I'm feelin you, you feelin me, yeah we can do
Whatever we wanna do, I'm grown and you grown too
Got on the floor and did the step all night
Got to rubbin on her booty like, "This motherf*cker nice"
Aight, I like and you like and we out the do'
I knew this pretty bitch was gon' roll, with me, c'mon


[Layzie Bone:]
I underestimated her freakiness; she freaky as freaky gets
I'm tryin to know who I'm sleepin with, first of all who I'm creepin with
She was cool, after I took her to school
Had to tell her couple of thangs before I let her in my pool
Plus she like rollin blunts, she don't talk too much
Ain't nothin worse than a pretty girl doin too much
That be ruinin us, always screwin it up
I think this one right here really true to herself
We gon' blow the whole sack in the back of the back
Jump out there, jump in the Cadillac and do it like that
f*ck it; she a gangsta, she wanna see my gangsta
I'm a show her how I do it when I show her how I thank her, uh
Dicked her down in the back of the Coupe
We was chillin at the park right next to the hoops
Didn't make it to the crib, but we went for a loop
I put the number in my phone, next week I'm a swoop


[Mr. Capone-E:]
Uhhh, multiple positions of a playa
Baby girl, you need a real thug so you called this gangsta
Ass up, face down, it's the thug in me
Westside when we ride, it's the C-A-P
On a one-way ticket to exotic f*ckin, erotic lovin
And you're screamin cause you're bustin
In and out, out and in, with a f*ckin grin
I'm ya daddy for real, so can I make ya squeal?
Can I make ya moan, when we're all alone?
Daddy Capone-E love ya lady and I'm f*ckin stoned
I wanna hit it, don't get it twisted, ain't love
Ain't a penny for ya thoughts, I'm just tryin to f*ck
Uhhh, excuse me for my nature
To say lady don't be trippin cause you love them gangstas
So I skerrted out, hittin switches on bitches
I'm a young pimp baby, and you know I wanna hit it


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Songwriter(s): FAHD AZAM
Record Label(s): 2006 Hi Power Entertainment
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