They Don't Know Lyrics

L-Burna (we just came back to let you know)
Reppin that Mo Thug, Bone Thug... (we just came back to let you know)
Just lettin niggaz know who the f*ck they f*ckin with
That's right (we just came back to let you know)
Bone Boys is back

[Chorus x2: Layzie Bone]
They don't know who they f*ckin with
They don't know who they up against
They don't know (we gon' creep) they don't know (we got heat)
They don't know (we come deep) they don't know

[Layzie Bone:]
Look at me paid in full, lil' homies call me Money Makin Mister
Cause I'm ballin takin trips, they know the hustlin don't quit
f*ck a job, f*ck a bitch; I only maneuver in the fast lane
Niggaz they got they hands out, ever since the cash came
But mayne I ain't on that, they already know me
They'll never get to owe me and I think everybody the police
Paraniod and cautious, my thug method is flawless
My reputation the rawest, surrounded by Cleveland bosses
Shit, everybody talkin so I stay seldom seen
Never stoppin and parkin, I swear the lights stay green
Green, know what I mean? Cause other busta niggaz dream
Of hustlin and tryin to be me, livin they life like kings
But this ain't fiction, this reality dawg
It take fo'-five niggaz just to handle me dawg
If I ever get a whiff you comin after me dawg
They all fall from the sawed-off, and that'll be all


[Layzie Bone:]
I come down with the glock cocked, bustin out the drop-top
Clearin niggaz spots out, call me Mr. Pop Pop
These p*ssy niggaz is not hot, I'm the one that run the block
Tryin to claim it after I got it, I'm locked, nigga I think not Still got the chop-chops, A.K.A. them double ups
Niggaz sellin ready rocks, nigga get your money up
Thinkin somethin funny bruh? Layzie get the last laugh
Wanna see some funny stuff? Nigga better do his math
Mr. Snatch-n-Grab, all about the taking
Billionaire in the making, yeah I'm bringin home the bacon
And the bread, and the cheese, and the eggs
Anything I need, better believe I'm a get
And the keys to the 'Vette, plus the H2 Hummer
I hustle through the fall, winter, spring and the summer
I don't need no runner, I'm the number one gunner
I'm the one that pull the trigger when you niggaz wanna run up


[Layzie Bone:]
I hope by now you got it, I'm only in it for the profits
If you tryin to check my pockets I'm a pull it out and cock it
f*ck it pop it, let it loose, I was bred to raise the roof
Sucka-free and bullet-proof, with my trusty double-duece
The man right here, we ain't playin round here
Shit get critical down here, real physical all year
See them lil' weak niggaz, get devoured like steak
Niggaz hungry, they ain't ate, want the whole damn plate
Game all up in yo' face, it ain't safe, you get killed
On the wrong side of the tracks, niggaz is askin to get spilled
I'm built like a tank, get it? I'm hard to hit
And I'm a get my hustle on, regardless bitch
I let the drama unfold, I ain't startin shit
But when the shit get to crackin I split all the wigs
I'm just a baller, dig? Came to rearrange the game
Niggaz respectin the name, they know I'm doin my thang
I'm L-Burna


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Record Label(s): 2006 Siccness net
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