I Get Higher Lyrics

[Intro: Layzie]
Hold on man
Anybody got some swisha sweets, some optimos, cigarellos?
(Man somebody got a lighter or somethin?)
Y'all niggaz talk too much

[Chorus x2: Layzie – singing]
I get higher, higher, baby
Let that fire, burn through the night
It's that fire, fire, baby
I'm inspired by the weed in my life

[Layzie Bone:]
They say a friend with weed is a friend indeed
Gimme that smoke, no sticks, no seeds
For the best, oh yes, I'll spend that cheese
While I'm blowin off in the breeze
With the top dropped and the glock cocked, lookin out for them crocked cops
And them niggaz that's tryin to plot, but this fire I got is hot
Hocus pocus, niggaz magic here, I'm like the ball that's crystal clear
I can see the future here, takin over is comin near
Makin me think about perseverin, in my heart it's near and dear
All about weed, nothin but weed, I can see it in my dreams
Clouds white as sheep, all fluffy and deep
And when I take it out the sack, I wanna roll it up
So we can get hiiiiiiiigh, so hiiiiiiiigh
Makin me feel like you wanna be
Get hiiiiiiiigh, so hiiiiiiiigh
Vote for weed, it'll set you free
Smoke is hot, they notice me, smell it on my clothes, wanna come close
I suppose, I thugs the most, like Toucan Sam I'm a "follow my nose"


[Layzie Bone:]
Follow your nose, it always knows, the white is kush, the purple is 'dro
Chocolate is brown fo' sho', but what I name is gon' blow
Blowin, rollin indo we go
To the other side of the planet's axis, grindin fo' sho'
All in Amsterdam at the coffee shop, eatin chocolate, we spark the lot
All of you Americans shiesty man, we do our chiefin in the parkin lot
Thanks a lot, taste what I got, on the menu it was bounty
The po-po give us no love, except for Humboldt County
In Spokane I be the spokesman, I'm tellin you they my folks man
They get it wide open, them motherf*ckers be smokin
In South Central it's dangerous, they lock you up with no quesiton
In Cleveland dawg it's the same way, these ghetto life confessions
We was blessed back in the hippy days, but we just can't let 'em slip away
So roll one for the flower child, they did they thang in the heyday
Back in the days it was okay, but now we gotta be cautious
You gotta have the cannibus card, if you really wanna be flawless
I mean lawless

[Outro: Layzie]
I mean lay off your job (relax)
Relax on the aesthetics, smoke some weed!
I mean roll up a fat-ass blunt homeboy and just do what you do
Y'knowmsayin? (Blaze it up my niggaz)

Teflon, ay nigga, smoke some weed!
Criminal and Mr. Capone-E, smoke some weed!
Big Dank, nigga go ahead smoke some weed!
Lieutenant Jesse James, smoke some weed!
Mo Thug Family, smoke some weed!
Thin C, Dre Ghost (yeah) what? (Dirty Red)
Denzo (DJ Skail) smoke some weed! (DJ Ice)
Ken Dawg, nigga, smoke some weed!
Krayzie Bone go on ahead nigga, smoke the weed! (Stew Deez)
Wish Bone, go 'head, smoke the weed! (PD, Lil D)
Flesh, you in jail but nigga, smoke some weed! (Skano!)
Hey Bizzy Bone nigga, smoke some weed (smell me?)
Yeah (smell me now?)
Get that stress off your motherf*ckin mind (smell me? Hey, hey)
It's a crazy mixed up world my nigga, smoke some weed!

Hiiiiiiiigh, so hiiiiiiiigh
And get hiiiiiiiigh, so hiiiiiiiigh

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Record Label(s): 2006 Hi Power Entertainment
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