Nothin' Lyrics

You ain't nuttin!
You don't get nuttin, you don't deserve nuttin
Now let me spell it for you, N-U-T-I-N
Nuttin, you got that?
Now go on get up, put one foot front the other
Ah, don't say nuttin, let me tell you somethin

[Layzie Bone:]
Now what you thought I let you hold some'n, cause I got sticky
On the table you wanna roll some'n, you got yo' hand out holla gimme
Like I owed some'n, see nigga get nothin from me
You got to play it if you want a play nigga this game ain't free
Not what you on some'n? You must be smokin, tweakin
On some strong some'n, you in the club every weekend
Like you a grown some'n, you ain't impressin me pretty
While yo' glass half empty, holla'n "What you gon' gimme? "
I heard, gimme got got and I heard gimme got shot
Don't be approachin me like I'm him playa, really I'm not
I'm big, willie as 'Pac, one step in the spot
Nothin but "Thug Luv" for ya, one strap with a glock
Need to get, slapped with a knot, full of 50's and 100's
I'm strictly big money business, look how quickly they run it
I make 'em, sick to they stomach, man I'm just too sweet
If you don't work you don't eat, that's a code to the streets

[Chorus: Layzie (Thin C.)]
(Nothin) I can't lend you (nothin)
Won't let you borrow (nothin)
Look playa you wastin yo' time
Because my mind on my money and my money on my mind
(Nothin) The world don't owe you (nothin)
Better get up and get (somethin)
Cause if you can't you lame
While you hustlin for some fame, better buy you some game
[Layzie Bone:]
They say you hang around with nine broke busters, you bound to be a tenth
It's like yo' math all wrong, you're makin no sense
It's about the, bank and the rent, how you rakin it in
It's motivation for them go-getters if you thinkin this is
For my niggaz in them gators flash floss yo' shit
Grip the thick wall like a pimp, you bought yo' shit
It feels good when you iron it, don't it?
Feel even better when you spinnin on it
Better watch yo' back, your friends'll want it
Jealousies and envies are dumb ones too
So Layzie don't trust nothin, I just play by the rules
Now rule one, I know you heard it, better watch yo' homies
Never know who out to get ya, better watch cause them phonies gets nothin


[Layzie Bone:]
Now everybody needs somebody and this shit's real
But don't nobody need anybody that don't help pay bills
Stay still, nigga die, let the real niggaz roam
You can't quit the world just on your own, might as well stay in the zone
To each his own, God bless us, and I pray that he help us
Record companies wanna shuffle us, and call us rebellious
Don't get me wrong, I ain't tryin to see no harm in that
Cause if I'm gone dead tomorrow I can borrow it back
Rep on the hardest of tracks, on the real I'm a keep it
Ain't no secret they can peep it, they'll know how to treat it
Cause if you don't you's a gone boy
Need to be off on your own boy, from a Bone boy strong boy

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2005 Mo Thugs Records
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