Papa Porridge Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Said thoughts sicker, pour liquor for them poor niggas
Kill the game and clean up the remains like a chore
Isn't it a shame? We are not the same, you got more
And I still get in your girl organ (Oregon), Portland
I'm a sports man when it comes to that recording
Won't stop 'til all my records feed us no abortion
Nigga I ain't in the zone, I'm the official with the
My thoughts bomb, nigga I'm a missle with the pencil,
Never end my sentence with a menstrual, period
Just chase after the money then I let them hoes fall in
Need a sign? Nigga you could follow mine
I be on the tracks feeling like I could turn water wine
Feel me, nigga teaching on the track, young coach James
and Tilly nigga

Beating on the track like a bat, I'm a billy club
Never listen to bitches, they lyin' nigga silly cubs
Got a team of niggas that's ready to make the millions
Hotter than an oven, I'm baking a cake you idiot
Put my ego down for no one, nigga Philly up
Charger with these dodger lines, nigga I'm Mike Vick'n
Go behind bars for my dogs, I ain't snitchin' son!
Educated brother, I could switch it if I wanted
I be pacing my success, I could get it when I want it
I be racing with the best, I'm out this world I'm in
the orbit
I be droppin' hot bars, yeah I be burning up them
Now I'm tryin' to go green, no Redenbacher, Orville it
Feels like I'm a great white racing with them tortoises
I'm moving through the water like a porpoise on purpose
I go harder than adrenaline, cortisone vortex
Me and music a perfect harmony like a quartet
Them other niggas Crash Bandicoot, Neo Cortex
Bench-warmer just waiting to start at this sport
Sitting back while I'm watchin' in the cut, Neosporin
I'm sharp to the Tee with my good thoughts normallly
And I am like La Brea, we don't cross nigga, Normandie
Ridin' like Danica Patrick, my drive is Jeff Gordon
Vroom vrooom vroom, Bugatti engine horses bitch!
Can't wait 'til I cop one, bad bitch ridin' shot-gun
Make her call me baby, I'm a toddler, born again
Now far from the loser, I'm living like I was born to
My process is deeper than that underwater coralline
Rap name's the last four letters of my last name
Surgeon Ihejeto, nigga Nigerian origin
Original weirdo with a lethal flow
Flooded to my neck while I'm spittin' like I'm
underwater snorkeling
And Wrekless' full of grinders tryin' to see checks
with commas
And bring the west back, Kanye; so gorgeous
Word to all my niggas that do this, don't ever stop
You could get hot overnight like a pot, papa porridge

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