Any Care In The World Lyrics

As long as I'm breathin', not feelin' any care in the
Any care in the world, any care in the world (repeat

[Verse 1]
Grew up feelin' an outcast, tryin' to find the love
below my speakerbox
And all the answers I found at last? Grind hard until I
reach the top
Not of the game, but of me... Oh, I know I'm there now
I found myself like almost everywhere except for wear
down or worn-out
'Less we' talkin''bout my heart, because I wear it on
my sleeves
While I watch it mock my mind like it's a parrot
"Ball so hard, muhhf**kas wanna fine me"
'Til I feel like I'm in Paris
Got that feelin', I feel as tall as the Eiffel tower in
Got that type of struggle, when I make it, I will
Life is in a safe, and when I break it, I will share it
(But nothing's broken here)
So I embrace it with my all
Strengthened all my weaknesses, my greatest are my
Life's a cycle, therefore I spring after every fall
I am my constellation that every star looks upon


[Verse 2]
I'm feelin' this as I'm limitless
Seldom pay attention to where I am
But my imagination can
Go where I wanna be, so what I see is what I will be
And I view it as I am, so where I stand is where I feel
And I can do everything that believe
Which is why I'm relieved
Which is why I'm really ch-ch-chasing all my dreams
I'm facin' all my fears
Lettin' my peers know that we gon make it right here
Yeah, we win the fight here
Yeah, this year is ours... I can never stress that
Yeah, you do your best standin' up 'til the doubtin'
has had enough
I got routin' plans that I made,
Yeah, a path I made, I'm lookin' inward
I travel ways that I couldn't before my sight was
I'm such a natural winner, I'm such a wonderful person
Forget if they don't see it, regardless, we're all
worth it
I'm steppin' to the plate whether or not I'm nervous
As long as the world is turnin', I'm carefree and
that's perfect,


[Verse 3]
In the world, I feel no cares
Feelin' back in the day playin' musical chairs
All the pain is in my mirror
But the rear view one, I am lookin' back at it
Cause my future's high beam, or at least as high as the
attic in a mansion
I don't know where I'm at like a mention
Cause every time I look to the right, it's a new
Attemptin' to separate from the negative tension
While I'll be goin' ham like the back of a quadriceps
Goin' hard until I rack at least happiness
And Rap Genius turns my lyrics into masterpieces
Listenin' to what the better half of me says
Cause the other half of me can't imagine me actually
The better half of me just cannot see the end
So I just tell myself to keep reachin', reachin'
Until the weaker half of me and the better half agree
That they will see to it that I am the best of me, yes



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Record Label(s): 2016 Wrekless
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