Supaman High Freestyle Lyrics

Jet 2 whussap!
See the best part about being an underdog is...
No matter what you do, people forget about your talent

[Verse 1]
Alright, J-E-double-T, double U oh, the flow's
Soakin' like a pilot that landed on top the Hudson, get
Lost in the middle of mucus, I got too much to spit
Easy bake oven but too hot for kids to touch it bi-
I'm about to cook her so I hope she brought some oven-
Eat her up around the world like McDonald's, "I'm
lovin' it"
I could be Burger King and let her have it her way
If her way is to get piped on the first date! I
I'm just kidding...
We be cuttin' like a first-aid
I just wrap her up in bandages and then we role play
like Trey
She say my songs could brighten her day
I make her come way before she catch them z's like "A!"
A nigga got a land so large in my mind
In my eyes it's big enough to fit the hills on
She's probably taller than me when she got them heels
I still hit with stilts on
See, um.. I'll take the future mother of your kids
Treat her like North-ridge and make her happy whenever
she C-SUN
Niggie, I am eating instrumentals for a reason
Throw the franchise tag, I catch player of the season
Throw yo' hands in the air, I take yo' arms if you
leave 'em
Bitches hatin' me, cause all they get is beef when I
meet them
Code name, Jet 2 and your nickname is guess who
Cause if you F with me, they'll have to figure where I
left you
Right down... I complete the circle like circumference
And me and a couple homies make a couple bitches come
for us
I lick her like I'm practicing my syllables and
Spot hittin' compliments, tongue game confidence
D game conferment
And I ain't shootin' dice man, only sweet icing
Give yo' ass a cinna-stick
Lord forgive me, but the world is full of sin and shit
And I be positive, but I be practicing my nigga shit
And pussy kinda ugly, it look better with my dick in it
And I could get her wet, then get her wetter when I'm
lickin' it
And sex changes attitudes, swagger comes from gettin'
I'm superman high, cause I fly right in the shit
Damn, sometimes a niggie kinda wonder how he think of
Quick sand flow, tell your daughter not to sink in this
Cause I'll tap that ass like the faucet in the sink
And leave her ass inside the sink runnin' water out her
No doubt, Gwen Stefani!
Pops told me keep the patience, because gettin' 'em is
But it's harder to get 'em off me, diggy?
Straps for the homie, holla at me, I'm the Trojan man
You think USC will accept me with all these trojans
I'm filling applications...
Cause when it comes to pussy,
Even if I fail a class, my GPA is still amazing
I'm sayin' damn!
(hold on ma nigga! Ahh)

[Verse 2]
I make her call me Chidi when I lick them titties
Flow so silly, niggie I'm belligerent
I'm on top the world, I could shit on the meridian
And Wrekless said get 'em, so a nigga gotta get 'em
And I'm all about my dollars, tryin' to multiply my
And hard work pays off, so I'm 'bout to get it in
Cause when you got stacks, what bitch you can't get
But f**k them hoes since it's all about the money shit
The money make 'em come, but the money come for me,
Waitin' for the paper, I'll be chasing down trees
Planting seeds in the economy, y'all hatin' niggas
Sucka nigga, hop up off the roof on top ya balcony
Talkin' that f**k shit, y'all just need to suck this
And I express wisdom, but I spit this shit to let you
bitches know
I still got it any day you wanna get it
Mutha f**ka, I'm ahead of y'all
Five step mindset
I'm where the best meets a stale mate and this is my
Checker board, blue veins, red blood, black chucks
Navy jeans, cold heart, so smart, both parts of my
Black dreds hang from a genius
Brown eyes, acne face, swangin' in my jeans, bitch
Swagger of a dinosaur, practicing my T-Rex
Bitch, I'mma hustle like a nigga ain't eat yet
Hungry for the game and anyone that I compete with
I'mma eat the f**kin' universe, I'm a beast, bitch
Jet 2

Di- I get superman high (repeat)

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