Protection Lyrics

Said all white drank, all black shades...I don't

[Verse 1]
Said all black shades
Not literally, but the fact that I can't see negativity
is the reason that I am paid
Cause success is my wage, wait-a-wait a minute
Yo, fresh to dreams, my nigga I'll be bathing in my
Keeping belief in those dreams and my faith is my
I do it for the record like a tape after it's filmed
And you can have anything you ask as long as it's not
Lot's of shit that I've been through, lot's of shit
that we go through
The reason some niggas go postal on careful
I'm facing saiyans like Goku, therefore so what do I
Mufasa's Scar was Simba's Kovu and all the people they
close to
Dodgin' the little eye of the ghetto bird in South
Not me, but all the people that I'm close to that they
close to
Ridin' in Nella's Altima, pulled over by the Liquor
Officers givin' petty seatbelt tickets for a total...
So now it's just me and my ignant angels
Wrekless but not in danger, that truthful shit seems
Like retro, I make the transition despite the changes
Team Wrekless is who I came with, so just put me in the
game and I'm gon'

Go so hard, five six but I dream so tall
They say the sky's the limit, but I'm livin' in the
If I ever touch down, I don't need no ball
But baby I'mma ball Cause I'm in the zone
Jesus is who I came with, so everywhere is my home
I got things to get off my chest, let my freedom ring,
where's the phone
I got reasons why I'mma get it, the same reason that
I'm livin', I'm on (3x)

[Verse 2]
Clack, Clack, Clack, shooting blanks like Crash
Daddy of the Persian lady, tell me have you heard him
Jet...Two point 0, yeah this version's crazy
Ah, not too much can change me
Only one can tame me...
Married to my music, honey moons, me and my lady
Can I get it baby? Some are moody, some are May...
June, July... all the way through August, I'll be
sowing seeds I harvest at that time
Like apartments in the projects, you can find...
That whole section ate (8) where you die just (digest)
to your confinements
In the hood where we make it our Suburbs
From all the images we post, a three dimensional Tumblr
About ten miles from the coast
Get reminded it's rough over here, for that simple
reason, it's us over fear
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
I feel that I'mma build it... doubted in the beginning
But now I've come to conceal that thing they call
All mine from the city of Dr. Dre, NWA
From the Jays all the way to way on the east-side, the
Cali-maze I'm gon'


[Verse 3]
We 'bout that...
Ever since Wrekless been on the scene
The crew is multiplying, two finger count that
Bunch of various artists on their grind, it's like a
Bunch of young niggas tryin' to ball, we call that
bounce back
From the city where niggas do everything to get that
kitty cat
Word to BeeGee and his mental city map
Even if I'm 'sleep, I'm probably working for that title
So I'm never ever idle in my mind, so critics, give me
Yeah, we're ahead of the circle that we could never fit
The story's told where the terminal has become the
And inner vision is intermission through all dimensions
So my nigga, this Wrekless, don't you forget to mention


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