Air Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Goin' for the win, undefeated teams
I'm like an apricot seed, nigga keep it sweet
And no, I don't be on them lacerations frequently
But they'll get cut like equalizer frequencies
Hot as pepperoni, niggas that wanna pizza me (piece of
I take a diva, make her Vida, I just shift the 'D'
I don't just beast, nah, I do it viciously
Orchestra beat it like a timpani in a symphony
Hop into my world, Jet 2, bitch
Teacher of the class, yeah I set rubrics
Better hope you pass, matter fact? "F" you, you lose,
Report card on some "I ditch school shit"
Freshman on some brand new cool shit
Freshman, I'm a brand new student
No rest then, tryin' to ball like a chest pass
And get breast fed like the armor on vest's
The man to the girl, brother to her best friend
I relate to them and all five of their senses
Tryin' to turn these Abe Lincoln's in to Benjamins
Like I see dead presidents, nigga sixth sense
I paint pics like Diego Velázquez
That make me pull chicks like a mixed kid
Cartier silver screen, light tint
Tryin to go my brother's way and cruise (Wayan, Cruz)
white chicks

You can find me in the air
Look up, I'll be right there
Right there (4x)
You can find me in the air
And they can't find you anywhere
Like where (4x)

[Verse 2]
Peter Piper picked the wrong peppers, nigga
Girls swing-ies on my balls like tethers, nigga
Haters press two if you're jealous
It don't matter, I just let 'em NV (envy) like Nevada
Yeah, they hot and I'll be smoother than a paddle in
Jamaican sea
I break the beat, them others just try to bathe and
Try to bakery the cake to me
It's nice to meet the bread like Delicatessen catering
Straight to me, tryin' to build up acres of the
greatest green
That you've ever seen, three dimensional vision
Archive it when I'm finished
Don't drink, but give them the Brandy, Dark-Child it
with the women
Never chicky(Chicken) niggie, but I pop-eyes with the
Yeah, bust and give her the pillow, that's a silencer,
And I'll be rarely out, but I'll be wild'n in my city
In a village where there's no enemy or adversary
So yeah, we love you, but we got you if it's necessary


[Verse 3]
They tried to hold me down, I'm in the air baby
The gravity ain't here, maybe the fear
Oh no, how dare, the fear ain't never no where near
phase me
Jet 2, black boy, Mr. rap-roids, tablets from lyrical
In the sky so high, I fly, I glide, feels like I'm
I'm in the clouds, Wrekless the eye of the hurricane
Found a green light where we will never brake like a
curvin' lane
Gotta slow down for the show-down, tell 'em skate
Call 'em Roll Bounce, then cut 'em with a roller blade
This is World on Wheels
I'll be that niggie that's goin' seven to seven with
girlies down to go all the way
You know we always gotta have that round where we pause
to play
Madden 'til I hop in that fire, Spyro the Dragon
Imagining that thingy is a Sky Lander, I'm tryin to put
in that live band work
Went from the hand-jerk to the real thang, knowin'
that's gon' kill game
I'm in the air practicin' my sky-cam flirt
Word to my brother-hood... Word to my brothers from
another hood
Word to my brothers from them other hoods
Get closer to the music than a couple could
Live through it, I do breathe it, I do see it
Like thanks for all the love, my niggas re-tweet it
If the haters love, the hate is defeated, delete it
The Terminal is life and the mission's the air that
we're breathin'
This is the trendin' topic for T-M-B-T-T-T
And I watch the transitions like commercials durin' T.V
And R-Tune told me twenty-twelve, that's what I am
livin' by
So I oiled my propellers for the year I'm fixed to fly
Wrekless, we're an enterprise, Wrekless, we're an
Turned our table to the winner's and we did it winter
Make a nigga go 'whew' everytime you press rewind
Time is of the essence, I'm ahead of mine, I'm next in
Wrekless, we were meant to fly
You're Wrekless, you're meant to fly
I tell 'em find me in the sky when they ask how I'm
livin' life


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