Daydreaming Lyrics

[Intro: Singer]
She know she cute
When she sad and she the best I ever had
She hold me down from head to toe
Keep me alive, under control
Her sexy walk, designer shades
No better since, she ready babe
I never found a girl like her
Better or for worse

[Hook: Singer]
Make me lose my head
Make me lose my mind
Every time that I think about her (repeat 2x)

[Verse 1: Jet 2]
Watch how I paint this picture
Of such a mystical image, forget a blemish
She perfect and she got me on Venus, yeah she's a ten,
Amazing how serene my cerebral is when I dream
Of a beautiful scene in my mental screen
Hopin' life will print it (uhh)
The way she move is theatre, little lady Michael
And my visual theatre is me and her whenever I go in it
Yeah, she bad off top so this is where you see no brim
Like the upper edge or a lip of a sippy cup with no lid
And how it feels? Like not studying but you ace it
Like capturing a perfect painting of Mona Lisa with no
Like an igloo made of penguins, I just live there when
I'm in there
I'm dreaming of her through day just to show her how
bright my brain is

[Hook: Singer]

[Verse 2: Jet 2]
See I figured ain't no stoppin' here
Been ahead all my career
Thinkin' of a pretty little thang from the Westside,
South Central
Make me wanna get it from the East, I'm a rocketeer
"Here we go, come with me, there's a world out there
that we should see"
You could hit Neptune with me, I make hits when I beat
and I'm for real
Let me get it properly, let me get it from an angle,
I can't get you out of my head, does that mean somehow
you're on top of me?
In my dreams, just a part of things I cannot believe
The way that thang pour, no poverty, more like an
Let me get it from the back, baby car-seats
And I be goin' under par, that's a hole in one
So wet, so cold, so frozen up
I give you just a little bit, that be more than enough
While I be all in 'er net like I'm loadin' up
Got me so focused I'm close up; lenses
And you a volcano, hope you don't erupt
Unless it's... you know what! (hehe)
Yeah! So even when I'm dreamin', she'll start me up
Her body is a car key, yup it'll mentally park me up
And drive me, call it push to start
Exploring her p-p-parts, I see
Call it Moses' art, I'm tryin' to be her Noah's ark

[Chrous: Singer]

[Verse 3: Jet 2]
So finally, I wake up
Look to the left and right
And see nothin' next to me but a trace of makeup
I get up, I shake my head, I check my phone, throw it
on the bed
I hit the bathroom, finish there, then I smell
breakfast in the air
What is this? Got a hug and felt a kiss, returned the
This is bliss, if ignorance would picture this, I'd be
its paper
She's the pen, I'm the ink, she's the writer with
I'm the mind behind the lines that's providing the
finished Sen-
Tense as a tight grip, but as smooth as swings in the
I swear, I'll be her vessel and she's what sings in my
So by the time the heart beats, you already know who's
the drummer
Waking out of this slumber, and it's you I see,
And girl, you as hot as the summer!

[Hook: Singer]


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Record Label(s): 2016 Wrekless
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