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Report to distort. Inform to reform. Suppress to oppress. Media blackout. Objective reporting no longer exists. The reporter's acocuntability has always been dismissed. The government keeps control with their hypnotized support and the media lends a hand when they constantly distort. They compromise their integrity is lacking. How can they be unbiased with big business financial backing? Money and decpetion is what the media's all about. Because if they can't suppress the media they just f**king buy them out. It's not impartiality the media consider. Their version of the truth belongs to the highest bidder. Dependence maintainted by the network's consumption. Discrediting trust that's built on assumptions. That everything reported is based only on fact. And the media's integrity remains intact. The truth is the media has no morality. So by watching the news we limit what we see. Major industries of power behind a "public" media front. It isn't better ratings that these networks want? They're competing for the billions spent by the advertising industry. Major networks are now owned by Westinghouse and Disney. The media is jsut another industry they now monopolize. The now have the final word of those meant mean to criticize. We can't change or even understand the problems that keep us bound if the structure's alarm system doesn't ever make a sound. ABC/Capital City/Disney corporation. Viacom. Time Warner/Turner Communications. These three corporations control everything you view. Over 40 billion dollars in annual revenue. Thousands of subsidiaries wittingly present the public with supposed liberal content. It's the same old f**king shit with different presentations. The truth too often lies behind biased interpretations. The first and foremost goal of the American media system is not to inform, to influence public opinion. When they control what the people see, they control the peoples' minds and an independent, unbiased source gets harder and harder to find. We have to seek out alternative to the papers and the news. Their stranglehold won't weaken while we're force-fed all their views. You have to think for yourself. Always consider the source. Oppression of the people isn't always done by force. Twisting the truth. Distorting the cries. Bombarding the viewer with media lies. Dodging the issues. Redirecting the focus. Reporting just fluff hoping that no one will notice. Professional newscasters and not what they seem. They're only a pawn in the capitalist scheme. Keeping politics and big business together in bed. It's the media tool that keeps all of us fed.

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