Five Hundred Years Lyrics

Our government's prosperity is the result or murder, rape and theft. They slaughtered most of the Indians and imprisoned who was left. Entire races of people have been regarded as a threat because they stood in the way of what Americans could get. Five centuries since the arrival of the honored European discoverer who was never anything more than a cold-blooded f**king murderer. He symbolized the viciousness adopted by our current system. Colombus paved the way for the great American tradition. A tradition that's been founded on oppressive manipulation where capital is enhanced by the blood of the population. To insure the undisputed dominion by few and the exploited majority sit and wonder what to do. Not about our guaranteed rights our leaders jsut deprive but how to live our daily lives and continue to survive. Five hundred years of faith. Five hundred years of lies. Five hundred years of state sanctioned genocide. Our nation's historical facts have been rearranged. Throughout our bloody history we see that nothing's changed. The pages of our history books where are bound. Say nothing of our victims six feet underground. Capitalism's statics are buried once again as American atrocities are covered by the stroke of a pen. The efforts of blacks and other minorities once became a problem wen segregation. Beatings and lynching could no longer dissolve them. They now rely on more subtle tactics to deter interactions. The economy is used to cause resentment towards affirmative action. While Politicians voted themselves another raise on Capital Hill the Japanese were blamed for closing down the American mills. Iraqi refugees are also responsible for the jobs we lose. The gay and women's movement destroyed this country's family values. From the unsuspecting kindergarten kids forces to recite the pledge of allegiance to growing up during the Cold War with fear of communism defeating us. Their patriotic progaghanda is embedded from the start so that every single lie fidns a place in every citizen's heart. Their blatantly recorded lies still remain in every single school so that their system's unblemished image is maintained by those who rule.

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