Trapped Lyrics

[Chorus: Anthrax "Armed & Dangerous" sample]
Trapped up inside here, like lions in a cage
I've been a mark of injustice, bound by these chains
Can't find a reason, I'm on my own
My destiny waits for a sign from me
I'm leaving alone

[Fes Taylor:]
I had to struggle though, now it's been double those
Scramble dope, flip a couple O's, saw a couple shows
Half, watch they hour glass moving past
So I cruise and crash, leave the hospital, with my bruises bad
If I choose the path, of Christ feeling Judas wrath
Wishing for good luck, like rubbing on the buddah's ass
It's like Zudah's jab, we move like Carl Lewis fast
Doing this, til I got Martha Stewart cash
I hit a fool to slash, want me to bruise then blast
I rock and roll, ya'll dudes is hot and cold
Off and on, soft as porn, my portrait on, we on the go
Call the paw, call mase off, yo we on the saw
Florida, with some foreign broads right from the corridor
And we The Warriors, me, I'm Taylor 2 Fly
They wanna walk in my airs, don't wear the same show size


It seems my economy take more from a man than they promised, see
Want fortunes, how can the problems see?
I'm poor so it seems like the problem is me, will compt and plee
I'm proud to be, a soul warrior like Constantine
A fall warrior so I believe
Like a light in the dark, I shall be seen
Like my brother Malcolm or Martin speak
I can make a whole nation follow me, be proud of me
When I was, in the cage, I felt like Anthrax
A lost soul, trynna get his man back
I stand back and let truth prevail
When a gun being waved all need to be tell
With a bruise and a tail popped under my feet
Screaming our freedom, hit a gun and sleep
I get a friend on a beach, or I'm leaving the pink
It looking sunny outside, but I feel the rain
Like I'm a chain gang, bet he going insane
Got me walking through the world, like a humanoid man
Like a set with no claim, I'm stick in the limbo
Stars in the back, catching the limbo
Had bimbos steady living it up
Put them down on your boys, not giving a f**k
Is this my luck, I was dealt this hand
Got police now coming with a pot and a plan

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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