Snitch Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, Cyanide gangsta, gangsta
Killah Hill gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, yo, yo

[Fes Taylor:]
Don't make me beat the shit out of one of you rappers
Clap your producer, piss on your masters
Shaolin, we holding it down, who got something to say?
I'll like Al Skratch, you scared to come around my way
Spin around, spray rounds, gangsta? Lay it down
Everybody hands up, nobody make a sound
He like assalam alaikum now, wasn't you Blood?
Before that Crip, ain't that some shit?
You a snake in a grass ass nigga, and got caught up
Chilling in the lab, thought he was safe cause the door's shut
Kick it in, crazy world, that we living in
Get a bigger gun, before you go and cop them bigger rims
My pistol ignorant, it don't got no common sense
Yeah, son, I'm sending you threats, f**k making promises
My analysis, trying to insult my intelligence
Talk alot of shit, for the alcohol beverages
Destroy all the evidence, snatch up them presidents
Throw the drugs in the back, evacuate the residence
They call me Fes Taylor, fly gangsta, apply anchors
On niggas operations, hip hop, you should thank us

[Chorus x1.5: Fes Taylor]
I know you gonna snitch, go 'head and do it
My address, place arrests, you send them to it
Even took a stand, you ran, banned
From the hood, witness protection program

[Fes Taylor:]
Aiyo, son, you pussy, I dare ya'll to call my name out
Meet you where you hang out, bang out and let the flames out
I know you hope the shit, never came out
I put your body underground, your career going the same route
Playa we gon' ride, I ain't letting you slide
Move like the grym reaper, see death in my eyes
Breathalize, Henny and 'dro, I know you not serious, yo
Thinking you can f**king injure me, no
Freestyle, better than you put your album together
And you ain't thug, you gon' be a coward forever
So when you hear me, say it, I'm talking, directly to you
Coward, I start spraying, what ya'll expect me to do?
When you was holding 22's, we was holding big guns
You ain't even have no bullets, lucky you ain't get done
Trying to play tough, thinking this is cops and robbers
We black mobsters, crack you in half like lobsters
You got a deal in '96, still ain't rich
Same year, me palm this, trade your bitch
Act hard til I aim the fifth, now niggas wanna talk peace
Like why he behave like this, Profes stay in the beef
My Wolfpack niggas get your shit off, play for keeps
Be happy it's only rhymes and beats, not guns and shells
Knives and fifths, call police, son, you gon' tell

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Fes Taylor]
I know you gonna snitch, go 'head and do it
I know you gonna snitch, go 'head and do it

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