Howl At The Wolves Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Lot-a-Nerv]
As I gaze up at the stars, And howl up at the moon
I've been all around the World
I told em that I'll be back soon

[Fes Taylor:]
Game got my brain in a choke hold
I'm still tryna figure out which way I should go
Just say no, But I say yes to the streets
Just bought some new hammers, That's investing in beef
I can't rest when I sleep, Unless my gun under my pillow
Like the tooth fairy left with some teeth
In my jeans plus my swagger is mean
Plus my fitted hat lean like an outfielder played in a league
Couple G's in my pockets to blow, Corner pocket your hoe
Like fast food yeah I got it to go
So I rep that Killa Hill fly shit across the globe
Serve places only bosses go
Still climbed to the top, Took losses though
On the edge I was cautious though
It's smooth back to the day that I die
Til the clouds turn grey in the sky motherf**kers

Yo I got big guns, Big hammers, And little triggers
But them little things turn big men to little bitches
Niggas say I'm nice, But now I'm getting a little vicious
Cause them fake thugs with Milkbone jaws acting like bitches
Niggas act gangsta til them slugs get up in em
Then they real colors show, Snakes start spitting venom
Got the hood flooded, Indictment came by abundance
Drug money's good but don't no good come from it
The root of all people, Bruise all people, Believe in you
Life ain't no movie, When you die ain't no sequel
Sheet over your face the last time your kid see you
Niggas act like they hard in reality dudes is see through
My vision's way beyond what the eyes can see
My niggas is sharing this vision so they seeing with me
See the cars, See the cribs, And you seeing the dough
I John Cena your ass, You ain't seeing this flow nigga


[Mr. Prezident:]
When ya'll was tryna learn life I was tryna turn white
I done earned stripes up and down the turnpike
Hitting turns like I'm on the mound pitching
It started with the vision, Just a pistol and the pitch'n
Straight from the body to the South side of Richmond
Ducking from the coppers, Kept cryills in the kitchen
I'm in the kitchen, I'm like listen
Patient over the pot like Grandpa fishing
No time for bitching, I be where the cake at
Hit you with assignment, Please have my cake A.S.A.P.
I said A.S.A.P. before I let the K clap
Hit em close range so I can see his face crack
Then it's straight back stunt'n on these old frauds
Bring the O.G. boy you more like an old brawd
Ohh Lord, When the heat cock
Close range shot make it sound like the beat box

In the last couple months I heard Lot-a your great
My dude you bout to be a sign you know what you just wait
Wait, You see this chicken getting smaller on my plate
See I lost a little weight and you can see it in my face
I'm hungry, Stress got me depressed and now I'm feeling upset
Cause cash never reset, It ejects
As money gets me hard, I'm a erect
You see this, A man understand that I need sex
Like Chinese they need death
I'm a wolf I prey over the weak
If it's beef, Cock, Shoot, Blow the flesh off of his meat
It's me, I got a lot of N-E-R-V
Play the U.S. troops, I'll blow a hole through your fleet
Yeah, Yeah nigga come try to Saddam me
Youn ain't got enough Contra guns to harm me
It's H.R., Top Guns, And W.P.
I said enough subliminals ya'll ain't f**king with me, Nah


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Record Label(s): 2009 chambermusik records
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