Nine 2 Five Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
The struggle... continues
Specman, yeah... L.I.S., uh-huh
Mr. Prezident, S.G., Fes Taylor
I see ya... I said... aiyo...

[Fes Taylor:]
Two 4 War, better acknowledge my crew
After we start beef we follow through
You could wear a vest if you want
I send hollows through, so don't make me pop a tool
Standin' over top of you, bitches gossip too
Who shot who, who locked up, who laid up in the hospital
No I'm not a fool, run up on ya ass, son, pop ya jewels
One-Six-Ooh used to do it to a lot of dudes
I don't care you cop a rule, nigga run ya pockets too
Son this four-four hit you stronger than the Vodka proof
Comin' forward, got the juice? Tell me where you got the loot
I'm a suck this nigga dry like fourty-deuce prostitutes
I'm a buck this nigga, die, do what I gotta do
Seven-fourty-five I, trunk got a lot of room
Pump got a lot of boom, punk got a lot of nerve
Puff smoke a lot of herb, blood on the side of curbs

[Chorus: Fes Taylor (Specman) {Dee Di Simone}]
I'm just tryin' to survive, just tryin' to stay alive (yea yea)
(Keep ya head above water dog) {Everyday... somebody dies}
(Everyday it gets crazy out there)
Why should I work nine 2 five, drive myself to suicide?
(Can't take it no more) {Everyday... I'm on the grind}
(Goin' to the point now)

[Fes Taylor:]
Yo I'm a milly nigga, my Wolf Pack crew know what it means
Either we spendin' or we blowin' green
Used to catch the ferry to Bowling Green
Go up town to cop shit, sold it to the fiends
Control the beam on top of the Desert, hit off and blow the scene
My whole team stomp you out, leave ya jaw numb like codeine
I stole vehic's, been shackled up with co-D's
Clap one of you O.G.'s, drunk off O.E.
Never been a punk or a phony, Shaolin homey
Ask any real nigga about me, bet he know me (Fes Taylor!)
Profes the one and only, I took a shot, let the doctor sew me
On the block niggaz plot to overthrow me
Mad if I cop the Rolie, you rather seen me in the pens coppin' roadies
Revenge leave ya fitted holey (It's real... nah, they can't hold us down
Fes Taylor, they can't hold you down)


[Fes Taylor:]
Yo yo check it out cause the third verse be the illest
Cause I, saved the best for last, murdered these lyrics
Park Hill, heard that we killas? Burn 'em like skillets
And they lovin' our gangsta, birds really feel us
Plus I pull guns on them squeelers, run with them dealers
Weapon concealers, throw thirty-sixes on eighteen wheelers
Staten Island we still wildin', Riker's Island in 2000
Came home, and now my whole crew stylin'
We want millions to build a business, entertainment to make us famous
Buy a Benz, cash instead of makin' payments
Aiyo, Taylor get bagged, Fes never make a statement
Y'all must got me mistaken, do my time, I can take it
Have a talk with my lawyer, case fought with my lawyer
Now I walk with my lawyer out the court with my lawyer
Now I'm back to the block where the avenues hot
Where the worser they treat you the blacker the cock, faggot!


[Outro: Fes Taylor]
This for all my peoples, my peoples in the hood that's starvin'
That's strugglin', just tryin', we tryin' to get it
You hear me? It's like, this is what we doin' right here
So we could make everything better for everybody
You know? Shadow Government, that's the future!
That's how we gon' feed our family!
That's how we gon' get this money and how we gon' get our peoples out of this struggle!
So when you see us strugglin' and we try and come to the top...
And you try and stop us from comin' to the top... we lookin' at you like fools
And my Wolves... they will eat you!
We will eat you! Do you hear me!?!

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Record Label(s): 2013 Chambermusik Special Products

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