Crazy Glue Lyrics

[Chorus x2: sample]
I'm stuck, to you, just like glue
I love you, I love you, I sware I do, ooh wee baby

[Fes Taylor:]
They say the rap game remind you of the crack game
I'm so cool, Versace logo on the black frames
I'm living life in the fast lane
My bank account real heavy, since my cash came
Give me a Chris Brown budget
Or a P-89, watch me spit rounds from it
See these streets keep calling my name, try to explain
I tried change, trapped inside of a cage
And hit the range, I die in the range, so my aim long range
Looking through the scope of the rifle like John Wayne
Nigga, I John Blaze, still think that crime pays?
365 days, I can find a way
Blunt to the face, trynna take my mind away
Contract, my publishing, I won't sign away
You hating muthaf**kas, rather me inside a grave
My darts still sharp, nigga, I can line ya fade

[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
Been in love with hip hop, since I heard a Kane record
My cops line up crib, get off by the same exit
Verrazano villain, my flow sick need penicillen
Enter like Iraq like when he in the building
Nigga, if I ain't the best
Then take a shot at me, nah, I don't rely on the vest
I'm a Vietnam vet, no lost limbs
Dog, I send you to the vet, break a couple ribs
Hooked on the game, Samsung like a coach
Projects war with the best, living like a roach
f**k if I end up on America's Most
As long the world rememeber my quotes, that was dope
Like '88 gold ropes, or the '88 saw with the gold spokes
That was no joke, now it's white gold and push the 5-50
Right off the car line, holla at Geico

[Chorus x2]

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