I Had A Dream Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Aiyo the story starts back in Gary's Autoparts
Deal about to go down, hold up, yo this nigga brought a NARC
I seen son, he police, my man threw the joint to his goatee
"You trying to sell me out "Yo son you know me"
He starts sweating, nah, son, don't say a f*cking word
Set you out with a couple birds, nigga got the nerve
Check that dude right there, see if he wearing a wire
You a pig, then you feeling the fire
Oh shit! He a cop, tie him up, throw him in the closet
Matter of fact, shoot him right here while this punk watching
So you crossed me? Beg, plea, what could you offer me?
You fade in a coffin, sleep, say goodbye
You a snitch, why would the hood cry?
I'm a end the problem right now so you should die
One shot, send him to Haiti, my baby.380
Maybe she crazy if ever you should play me
Freeze, yo we got you surrounded, two shots from the pound hit
You softer than pancake when the pound kick
Cover the windows, gotta think of a plan
I ain't trying to sit in the can, the kid in a jam
I ain't scared, f*ck it, we already facing the chair
So we yelled out the window, "We got hostages in here! "

[Interlude: Lon Dini and various others]
Yo bitch turn everybody f*cking faces or I'm a murder you!
Yo, yo, everybody face on the f*cking floor!
Give me my f*cking money or I'm a f*cking kill everybody!
This bitch... (Yo sonny stop, man, we got ya family, they surrounded us)
{They heard that shit on the computer's everything)
Word is bond, 'bout to f*ck this whole shit down!

[Fes Taylor:]
Yo son I can't do life in jail
They gon' have to kill me, I'm going out with the Milli
Ride on these hillbillies
You come any closer, I'm a kill one of these hostages
Shotgun bullets that's bigger than sausages
And I will shoot 'em, right in the esophagus
Son if I don't get a motherf*cking chopper quick
You got thirty minutes or I'm a shoot somebody every thirty seconds
You already know I got a dirty record
Heard he reckless, out of state cases when he shot a waitress
Trying to get away, and, you trying my patience
You playing with people's lives, have 'em looking in the eagle's eyes
Brains on the wall, look like peach pie
One hostage tried to play brave, jumped on my man's back
So I shot one through his Braves cap, he laid back
This lady started screaming when she seen it
Couldn't believe it, homeboy laying next to her bleeding
The front door flew open, smoke grenade blew up beside me
Shooting in the direction it came from
Tried to see, heard footsteps, spinned around, heard somebody fall
Walked over, my man with his head on the wall
He said, "Damn, son, you shot me"
That's when they got me, "Stop! Freeze! ", but I wouldn't drop the heat
(Yo Fes look out!) That's when I noticed the bean
And the second I got shot, that's when I woke up from the dream

[Outro: Lon Dini (Fes Taylor)]
Yo yo... yo Fes... wake up man
Wake up... yo... I need you to hold me down, G
We going to Gary's Autoparts...
This nigga 'bout to buy like fifty guns, G
(Gary's Autoparts?) G, hold me down
(Yo I just had a dream about Gary's Autoparts
Yo, I just had a dream about that shit, homey
Yo, don't f*ck with that shit, man
I'm telling you, I got a bad feeling, my nigga)
Word? Damn, son, nigga got mad bread waiting for me, G
But you my nigga, man
Just cause you said that, I ain't f*cking with it

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