Og's Pt. 2 Lyrics

Life is stressful, so always gotta spark the weed up
I don't talk alot, come test me and you see I'm G'd up
I'm a peaceful man, you front on me, you getting f**ked up
I don't gotta hit you, I got goons that'll leave you touched up
I cut off my left arm to make sure that I'm right
And every borough that I go to, they be saying I'm nice
I do a show, tear the space down, they saying I'm hype
Plus my home girl is a dyke, she be bagging your wife
f**k ya'll, even when I'm wrong, I'm feel that I'm right
I'm nice and you wack, that shows we think nothing alike
I spit a 16, and I don't even write
I crush you rappers, most of ya'll I don't even like

[Fes Taylor:]
You little bitch ass niggas, disrespect me
I R. Kelly your wifey, piss in her weave
Listen, fake ass rappers, I am the truth
Try to live my lifestyle, lie in the booth
I try enough shit, should of got at you
Ask his holmes, should of sent him to pop at you
You not that dude, where the f**k is you from
Anyway, nobody knows you
Nowadays I spray, any nigga close to
Everything I hold in my heart, my son, my moms
My girl niggas who been with me from the start
You finished, snap a picture while you crossing the line
Never find where I'm tossing the nine, I was fine
While these niggas try to lead the deaf, dumb and the blind
Never seen heard shit, still wondering why
Stupid, fathered your style, look at you, sonny, I'm far from proud
Should of hit your moms with abortion money
f**k you niggas looking at, I'm an O.G.
I'm a bring the shit back, way that it's supposed to be
Way that I can coast the beast, that means I take it
From the east to the west, that's more paper supposed to eat
Nothing less than a desc', I get close to a ki
For what I wrote on a loose leaf, you holding the beat
Profes Taylor 2 Fly, time to open another V
You looking all open to me
If no, they like you, probably start a fight with you
Tell you to suck my dick, and your wife too
I'm all ball like Jamal Crawford
I'm just balling on a small fortune trynna get endorsements
Won't f**k with the bitch, how do I we all afford
Goldielocks links in my chain, equal more porage

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