Fuck U 2 Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
New day, uh-huh, new me, Heart of the City, baby
New money, you know I'm f**king with my lawyers
Big mat, new house is slick
It's 2 Fly, baby, yea, yea

[Fes Taylor:]
Love me, hate me, whatever
I'm just trying to make some cheddar
Make it better, ladies like me like Mason Betha
I won't chase or sweat her, hate, just let her
Face the pressure, hate to mess up
But when you walked out, you left us
Stress bust pipes like sleepless nights
But we ain't got a reason to fight, you beefing like
I ain't there, I ain't care
Everything I owe, I ain't share
Like I ain't share, hurting so bad I'm trying to bear
Collar on my shirt still drying my tears
I cried like a fireman's tears
So I walk through the fire at the bottom of the stairs
Let it burn like an overdue perm
Always trying to teach you, it's better to learn
You ain't concerned, if it's me or what you know that I earn
You gon' learn, what goes around comes back around
Same shit, picked you up and had you down

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
f**k me, bitches? f**k you too
I know a lot of other niggaz f**ked you too
I said, I know a lot of other niggaz f**ked you too
Listen, piece of pussy, that's something to do, ooh

[Break x3: Fes Taylor]
Piece of pussy, that's something to do, ooh

[Fes Taylor:]
I ain't trying to scream or yell
I just leave, oh well me, breeze in the S.L.
Roll no seeds in the L, need the keys to the hotel
Front desk, right by the bell
Smell of Chanel, I never tell
Might find y'all, have her head on the shelf
f**k me, bitch? Who wan' f**k me too?
And I know all my niggaz wan' f**k you too
You could, lick me, suck me or touch me too
Got a girlfriend? That's cool, plus, me too
You could be my substitute love, that's cute
After I shoot, I'm giving you the boot
Knock ya boots, "What you expect loot? "
I jump back like "What are you a prostitute? "
I'm so true to the game, not new to the game
Start getting loose to the game
These tools to the game, you got me confused for a lame
Took a tab on, go and get the change


[Break x3]

[Chorus: first two lines only]

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