Brand New Lyrics

Club packed front to back, where them girls at
I need the freak of the week, plus a dub sack
I'm on a dub sack, got dubs on the Lac
You trying to jack, your best bet is to get the f*ck back
Tell the bouncer who the man is, Dub-I-Z
I'm under 21 nigga, so f*ck I.D.
On the cool, y'all should let me in this club for free
I'm the most realest nigga, that these hoes gon see
Got a 4 and a peach crush, one liter
All I see is one diva, and I'm bout's to come meet her
And greet her, I win's the game cause I'm a cheater
I hit once then leave her, let that other nigga keep her
For real, I been in this game for years
Everything I wear is real, ain't no shopping at Sears
So cheers to the ladies, and cheers to the fellas
And here's to my beautiful black girls, and my yellas

[Hook: x2]
Ladies put your hands up, fellas put your drinks down
Get together, ain't no time to think now
Hit the dance flo', show you how we get down
(it's a brand new dance, it's a brand new sound)

[Verse 2:]
Ooohweee, we got 'em body rocking and shocking
While them 4's be cutting, and them tops still dropping
God damn lil' mama, I like that there
You make a playa wanna stop, and hit that there
But I'm still bump and grinding, with that there
Gotta get that there, can't miss that there
Whoa lil' mama, we don't play no fair
Matter fact I gotta ask, is that your hair
Cause if it ain't, you better put a track right there
If you a playa, you got to put your hands in the air
If you a simp, you need to hit the do' right there
If you a pimp, you better check the hoe right there
You heard what I said, I meant that there
That drop on 4's, I grind to get that there
That Rolex blinding, I know it ain't fair
Southsi' for li', I represent that there

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D:]
Pull up to the club, four cars and twelve deep
Seven niggaz five bitches, all holding heat
Get the owner of the club, we moving through security
Ain't no damn emission fee, for G's we getting in here for free
Since they know the Dougie D, all of my people V.I.P.
Since they know how real it be, all of the drinks is V.I.P.
Since they know how gangstas it be, there's no questions bout my weed
And they know, one of these hoes get out of line they gonna bleed
But look we ain't came for that, we parlaying like Gangsta Mack
Dougie D and Dub-I-Z, and Ke in the back getting brains in the back
All my hoes on the flo' that's fine, all my thugs in the club put your drinks on down
Cause this right here is a brand new dance, this here is a brand new sound
Tell the motherf*cking DJ shit, gon spin this here bout fifteen times
Tell the motherf*cking DJ shit, when you spin that gon' head spin that live
In the time that we step in the club, you already know that it's gon go down
This a brand new dance this a brand new sound, everybody gon' head get down

[Hook x2]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dougie D SoSouth
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