Ain't Nuttin But Big Bodies Lyrics

Ain't nothing but, big bodies we drive
Cutting up the corners, on 20 inch tires
Pain dripping wet, everything customized
Southside, we swang wide
What's the deal
Act a ass showing skills, wooden wheels
Got the four po'd up on chill
All my niggaz and my bitches get wired, it's going down

[Dougie D]
I ride big body, on 20 inch tires
Stayed blowed on dro, when I swang wide
Won't catch Dougie in it, if it ain't customized
When I slip and I slide, through the streets of Southside
What's the deal
Smoke weed get high, pop pills
Act a ass with the wheel, showing skills
If you feel me throw your hands up high, and get live
You can't smoke with me, because you don't smoke enough
You can't drank with me, because you don't drank enough
Don't f**k with the liquor, nothing but purple stuff
Got a purple potent fo', poured in the peach crush
It's going down
All my niggaz and my bitches, stay fly
Get crunk, get bucked right now
Everybody throw your hands up high, and get live


[Dougie D]
If you a 2-4 nigga, gon head throw it up
If you got a pint of drank, gon head po' it up
If you got a bag of sticky green, gon roll it up
If you smoke then you smoke, till your f**king lung bust
Swang wide
20's spinning, black magic on my tires
Screens lit, sitting on buck hide
Looking good when a nigga pull out, it's going down
If you meet Dougie D, disrespecting him a gangsta
Don't f**k around, with no motherf**king wanksta
Head banger, pull out the Jimmy gon shank you
Bend you over my lap, and then I straight spank you
In a Range Rover, me and my Ranger rolled over
S.U.C., or Screwed Up Click soldier
Front hopping, Dougie got it on lock and
Haters throwing up road blocks, I ain't stopping


[Lil Two]
S to the izzL, A to the Bizzie
Got's to show love, to Trae and Dougie Dizzie
Jay'Ton, Lil B, South Klique my family
Sha, B, J, Lil' K and Warren G
For Donnie D on lock, I keep my glock cocked
Until you make it out, I got the block hot
In the drop top, skating on Gary Payton's
Sprewell's keep spinning, my rims procrastinating
My bitch is masturbating, leaving nut on the street
Candy paint popped trunk, and got buck on the seats
My switches they never age, forever be 16
With the front back side-to-side, through it six screens
VCR, X-Box and a DVD
This is how I'm living, but not BET
You see me, just like the M double A-B
It's the one and only O, behind the W-T holla


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Record Label(s): 2002 Game Tyme Entertainment

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