Titan Lyrics (feat. Vnchy)

Give me my whip
Ballin out nigga dip
Located where you can't live
Nigga you could never be us
Damn I feel like a brick
Man they just want a brick (Ooh)
Drop some commas on my wrist
Damn I feel like a brick x 6

[Verse 1 – DillanPonders]
Learned how to say more by talking less
Niggas looking like ????? still talking shit I wish you all the best
Couple thousand in followers that means a lot to you all I guess
Clout will get you killed these days, these bitches ain't really real these days
That bitch on the gram don't look like that in real life
The girl of your dreams probably isn't my type
So many rappers that don't even write
Niggas with guns that don't know how to fight
See man it's more than music
It's my time got a watch to prove it
Can't stop got a lot to lose
Map this out man I got the blue print
I'm a go all out
Put a bit of gold my mouth
I don't let hoes in my house
Old friend told me come by see his crib so I sparked my blunt and left holes in his couch
I don't got no limitations
Hella faded levitate through the Matrix
No complainin' when you makin' the bacon
Supersayan Goku every day man
When you hatin' you relatin' to Satan
I'm amazed I never take a vacation
He ain't talk shit but he may if you make him
Serving these niggas I should go and buy an apron
Hate my songs you should go try to make them
Old ass ??????????????
Used to call my plug on the payphone
That's another way I be calling my ?????
I was trapped in the trap but my nigga I'm out
That could get you killed but I'm hoping you climb out
I'm a little bit different than niggas with vision
I finna make a milli depending on my ????
Put me in a room with niggas with no glow
Hear me spit once and get rid of their old flows
Blowing holes of smoke in the ozone


[Verse 2 – VNCHY]
Hold your horses kings will be dethroned
All my life I've hated being controlled you know
Simple as that can't outperform me
Temparature minus em Midas similar
You do what I say
Ride on my wave
I can't float your boat
I'm a tsunami
Remind me
Just who's your mommy
Why the f*ck she give birth to you and not deny it?
Damn, ok
I'm OG easy, I'm living greazy
Believe me
I'm smoking sleepy
I'm a monster so call me creepy
Who they best out? Put em in jail
I guess your shit is ok
Man stop making up shit
All talk ya'll never did shit
If you a rival then I aim for your vitals
f*cking a model she melado when she don't do titles
Found me on Tidal
And now she only wanna to swallow
I ain't got time for bitches try again tomorrow
Chasing money nigga

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Songwriter(s): VNCHY, DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group
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