Hercules Lyrics


Lot of women tried they could never hold me/
When it comes to mine I ain't getting cold feet
Moved past spending every night at cold tea
Hearing niggas talk shit bout the men they won't be
Niggas love drama just as much as bitches nowadays
Now a nigga sees that fake shit from a mile away
All you do is talk I got money that id rather make
If I hurt your feelings it was something that I had to say
Pull the wool over my eyes still I'm not fooled
What's going help me get rich probably not school
On the way to the show finna car pool f*ck class nigga every day is an art school
So I'm finna go in like harpoons or keys on dorm rooms syringes in war wounds
Been a God since pajamas and cartoons, about to take over I'm telling em make way
Couple years ago said I was a lost cause
Not a single night passed without me getting locked jaw
Told my nigga that I got you if anything pops off
Niggas imitate a lot but these niggas are not Gods
Niggas got problems but those problems aren't with me, they got problems with Themselves man their problems obsolete, possibly about to watch the end I got good Seats there's a portal in the puzzle thinking I'm the missing piece
Heard you got beef that's funny how's it going for you?
Said your name as a joke nigga no knew you
Life's too short for these things winning all the time no room for these rings
All a my niggas are down for me, swear to God I pray that we all succeed
Got a couple silly bitches getting lost in me, go find yourself before you talk to me


Excuse me please
I do not work for free
Straight flexing on ‘em
I feel like Hercules
I feel like Hercules [x2]

Straight flexing on ‘em

I feel like Hercules


Money makes the world go round, wait, money makes the world go wrong
Anywhere I go man yo girl gon come you don't make her cum so yo girl went numb/
Everybody tryna get a condo.. I prefer a house with a lawn hoe
Writing raps on the porch in my pawncho, 2 bins for the garbage and the compost
Everybody wants what everybody else is wearing
Everybody wants to be everybody else, stole from ya moms but the money never helps
Came back home left the 20 on the shelf
Took a while til I started in myself now my favourite hobbies proving every single person wrong
Shouts to my grade 3 teacher that told me that I wouldn't be shit youre the reason I'm a don
I try to put myself in other peoples shoes my feet never fit half an hour til I re-up I gotta get my fix
Flower power keep me going thank the lord like every day, if I did it then it wasn't in an ordinary way ,that's a promise
Acid tabs they help me ponder, told you been a God since cartoons and pyjamas
Niggas n bitches have been obsessed, stone cold goner just killin em wit the flex


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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2016 SmashMouth Music Group
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