Laying Low Lyrics


I'm laying low, always had a hard time letting go
Do I need space girl, yes and no, I don't know how I feel in love sucks


[Verse 1]

Shit is not like it was before, it'll never be the same again, black on black
Life's a morgue, there ain't anybody in my lane, what's 10 bands to a pocket full of Change, me and my mans, found a pot of gold, hoes say you know you should be Posing in Vogue, do you got a number let me know you're info, talking bout f*ck man I'm rarely involved, thinking it's a joke but they know it ain't a joke when they see me on Stage anytime that I perform, back in the day I hit it once then I was gone, try n talk Down hit em with a power bomb, dive off stage hash tag kowabunga, niggas mumble And they sweet like willy wonka, in a jungle with buzz like a bumble, so self-aware that They tell me i ain't humble, locked in the lab all day I got a lot i gotta make, nigga spent A second round me and he caught wave, loving you for who you ares the lane i gotta Pave, niggas eating pork yelling assalamualaikum all the way disconnected from the Shit you gotta say I didn't need to get more weed but I still bought it anyway, didn't want Feelings but she caught em anyway selling weed to the people they all bought it by the Lake, if you ain't giving me a hundred percent then don't get involved in the first palce My dog, drinking whiskey but I don't chase at all she loves me but she plays it off


[Verse 2]

I will ride for my guys, I will die for this life, keeping God by my side, I'll live long after I Die, I just smoked a blunt with King Kai, cut my bitches off put my niggas on game, I Love life with no shame, breaking out of these chains, I can't f*ck with no lames, I've Been shitting on everything that you've been sitting on, what if me and her never split Guess we'll never know, everybody saying I'm the one that they should get to know, Living through the pain while I'm getting all these dirty gains always waiting on what I'm Working on it surely bangs, cameras taking pictures everywhere showing pearly fangs if I didn't have dreadlocks it be some curly rings, Rick James bitch me and Brenden that's The burley gang, I know that a lot of bitches wana have my last name God damn, I've Been living life on a swervy lane, flows unpredictable I hit em with the hurricane, hoes Always wana be saved call it Louis Lane, everybody numb in the land of the Novocain, I Look inside your eye and I notice pain, I can relate man I know the pain, I am younger Than the kids I'm older than



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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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